“People’s defense + heart defense” to build a “safety wall” to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Weifang Financial News from Weifang DailyIn order to effectively prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and ensure the safety of life and property of residents in the area under its jurisdiction, Gaoli Street in Hanting District insists on taking multiple measures and making efforts in multiple ways to carry out Special action to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, go all out to build a warm “safety wall” for winter.

Focus on hidden danger investigation, ” “People’s defense” lays the foundation. Organize and mobilize street and village cadres, grid officers, security officers, etc., to continuously carry out home visits and investigations, focusing on inspections of stoves, smoke exhaust pipes, ventilation, etc. Rectify existing risks and hidden dangers, dynamically grasp the heating methods and prevention situations of residents in the jurisdiction, and ensure early detection of hidden dangers, early disposal of problems, and early prevention in place.

In-depth publicity and guidance, “heart defense” awareness. Through villagers’ WeChat groups, WeChat public accounts, posting posters, hanging promotional banners and other methods, we have stepped up publicity in all directions, widely publicized the knowledge of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and first aid, and further enhanced the awareness of safety precautions and self-protection. . Combined with the investigation of hidden dangers in households, the “Common Sense of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention” plain paper was issued to remind residents in the jurisdiction to master the essentials of prevention, regularly check the heating equipment in their homes, and maintain indoor ventilation, so as to achieve real publicity and real results.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Liu Xiaojie/Text