Find out the relationship between anxiety and depression, can depression be cured?

Understand the relationship between anxiety and depression, can depression recover?

Among mental illnesses, it can be said that anxiety and depression are the most common. When talking about the difference and connection between anxiety and depression, it is often said that anxiety It is worrying about the future, depression is entanglement in the past, anxiety is afraid of death, and depression wants to die. The key to these sayings is that they do not understand the relationship between anxiety and depression. More people may follow what others say.

The superficial symptoms of depression are heavy heart, loss of interest, hopelessness and negativity, and how these symptoms are formed and why, before depression is formally formed, They all experienced certain failures and setbacks, and then felt that they could not do well, that they had no hope, high anxiety, and high anxiety would further lead to a decline in work and study ability, worse performance, more self-denial, worse and worse mood, and the formation of depression. , Therefore, depression is formed by anxiety, and there will be no depression without anxiety. The core of adjusting depression is to solve anxiety.

If you feel that you can do a good job and do it actively, with the confidence to do a good job, your anxiety will naturally be reduced and your depression will recover.

People are afraid of death, including patients with depression. Although the suicide rate of depression is relatively high, it is not that they want to die, but that they feel that they have no way out and are too painful. If you die, you will be free.