People who smoke for a long time suddenly quit smoking, is it a good thing or a bad thing? May wish to know in advance

Many men have developed the habit of smoking in life, especially on some important occasions, smoking has become a necessary condition for socializing.

Although most people know that smoking is extremely harmful to the body, they have been unsuccessful in quitting smoking In fact, quitting smoking is equivalent to chronic suicide, which is harmful to the body and has no benefit.

The damage caused by smoking to the lungs is also irreversible. If you can quit smoking in time, the body can repair itself The ability will gradually restore health.

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What are the harms of long-term smoking to the body?

Hazardous to respiratory health

Smoking for a long time will have a serious impact on the human respiratory tract, and it is easy to induce bronchitis and bronchitis, especially in normal times, it is easy to cough and have difficulty breathing.

Some people may not have any symptoms during the smoking process, but their lung function also suffers from decreased lung function, so they should also check their lungs regularly Function.

Feeling powerless

< span>Smoking for a long time will also affect the body’s absorption of nutrients, making the complexion thin and thin, and the body is thin, especially smoking a pack of cigarettes a day will cause muscle content to decrease, so the body will also feel tired and weak, and it is more prone to heart and brain problems. Diseases of blood vessels.

Affect sleep

Smoking for a long time will also cause sleep quality to decline. At night, it is often easy to suffer from insomnia and nightmares, because harmful substances in cigarettes will enter the blood circulation. Cause nervous system abnormalities, which in turn will affect sleep.

Damage to lung health

Cigarettes will produce a lot of smoke after being lit, and there are more harmful substances in it, and harmful substances will reach the lungs of people through the smoke, causing a large amount of accumulation in the lungs Excessive tobacco poisoning makes the lung function easy to decline, making it impossible to carry out normal physiological activities, and lung diseases are prone to occur after a long time.

Reduce resistance

Smoking for a long time can also cause immunity to drop easily, and external bacteria and viruses are easy to invade. After harmful substances enter the human body, they will continue to accumulate and cause organ dysfunction Falling, it is easy to make people sick for a long time.

Resistance It is equivalent to a line of defense for the body, which can fight against foreign bacteria and viruses. If you smoke for a long time, it will cause a decrease in immunity, easily cause adverse symptoms, and affect the quality of life.


For long-term smokers, if they quit smoking suddenly, is it a good thing or a bad thing? May wish to understand

Some people will choose to quit smoking for the sake of their health, but some people’s smoking quantity There are more, and the smoking years are relatively long, so a gradual approach should be taken when quitting smoking.

Because smoking for a long time is extremely harmful to the body, from a health point of view, quitting smoking is a good thing, it can reduce the harmful substances on the body harm.

But some people quit smoking Because the addiction to smoking is particularly strong, I can’t control myself, mainly because the nicotine in it is addictive.

Especially when you first quit smoking, there will be a series of withdrawal reactions, because when you quit smoking The intake of nicotine is reduced, so the brain does not get enough demand, and abnormal reactions will occur.

But as time goes by, if you survive this period of time, your lung function will improve, and your body will The adverse symptoms of smoking will gradually disappear, so it is a good thing for people who have smoked for a long time to quit smoking suddenly, but they should do it step by step.

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If you want to quit smoking, you might as well do more of these things

Stay active

Most people are quitting smoking During the process of smoking, there will be the urge to smoke. At this time, you can do more exercise to increase the fatigue of the body and reduce the idea of ​​smoking. Moreover, exercising can also improve lung capacity and enhance immunity.

Drink tea

< span> During the process of quitting smoking, you can also drink more tea, which can speed up blood circulation, promote body detoxification, relieve physical symptoms, and reduce the burden on the lungs.

Take more deep breaths< /span>

In addition, you can also do some deep breathing exercises at ordinary times, which can relieve the pressure on the lungs. unwell.