Taking metformin every day, why can’t blood sugar drop? Doctor: The method of taking medicine is the key

With the improvement of people’s living conditions, great changes have taken place in the diet structure, so the incidence of diabetes is getting higher and higher, and the trend of younger people is also relatively serious.

Most people with diabetes are very familiar with metformin, especially for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Friends’ first choice.

Generally, diabetes cannot be completely cured, and it is necessary to take medicine for life to maintain blood sugar stability, but there are also Although some people take metformin every day, their blood sugar cannot drop. What is going on?


What factors are associated with elevated blood sugar?

Not paying attention to diet

In fact, elevated blood sugar has a lot to do with diet. If you don’t pay attention to healthy diet and often eat foods high in sugar and fat, Excessive intake of carbohydrates can cause blood sugar to rise, which is harmful to health.

So in normal times we should develop healthy eating habits, keep the diet light, eat less high sugar, High-fat foods, eat more vegetables or fruits to avoid blood sugar rise.

Lack of sleep

< p data-track="10">Staying up late for a long time will also cause blood sugar to rise easily, because lack of sleep will cause the body’s metabolic capacity to decline, causing toxins and garbage to fail to be discharged, which will easily lead to obesity or blood sugar Elevated issues.

Lack of exercise< /span>

If you usually lack exercise, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise, because most people now Reluctance to exercise, resulting in heat accumulation, prone to obesity.

Obesity is the culprit of hyperglycemia, so exercising regularly can speed up the production of carbohydrates Consumption, helps control blood sugar levels.


Take metformin every day, why can’t blood sugar drop? Doctor: The method of taking medicine is the key

The dosage is wrong< /p>

When diabetic patients first start taking metformin, the doctor will suggest starting with a small dose, usually 500mg/time, and gradually increase the dosage after the body adapts.

When the patient takes a period of time, the body will appear Tolerance, the dose should be increased at this time. If the dose is too large at the beginning, side effects are likely to occur, which is not conducive to stabilizing blood sugar.

Types of Medication

< span> There are two main types of metformin, one is sustained-release tablets and the other is ordinary tablets. Generally, you need to take 2-3 tablets for ordinary tablets, while extended-release tablets can be taken once a day.

The way to take these two pills is also different. If you take it improperly, it will not be able to achieve the effect of lowering blood sugar, and it will also cause the sugar content in the body to rise easily, so you should follow the doctor’s guidance when taking the medicine to use correctly.

Pay attention to combination medication< /span>

Some people may not be able to control their blood sugar well when taking metformin. Combined use of sugar drugs can increase the efficacy of the drug, and you should follow the doctor’s advice at this time.

Pay attention to time

If you want to achieve the goal of lowering blood sugar, you should also pay attention to the time of medication, and the drug effect time of metformin is generally 6-8 hours, so patients can take 2-4 tablets a day, and you can choose to take it after meals, especially dinner After taking it, the effect is better.


In addition to taking drugs, you must also do these 3 points to stabilize blood sugar

Adjustment of lifestyle

Diabetes patients in You should also pay attention to your diet, especially control your calorie intake, and actively adjust your diet. You should also eat more vegetables, fruits or whole grains, reduce salt, oil and sugar, and keep a light diet.

Exercise more

Diabetic patients should also pay more attention to exercise in normal times, and they can exercise for 30 minutes each time It can speed up the body’s metabolism, help improve the level of glucose metabolism, and have an obvious effect on stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Adjust medication regimen

If you usually take hypoglycemic drugs, but the effect is not satisfactory, you can also consider combining drugs, but you should consult your doctor in advance and follow the doctor’s guidance Take the medicine correctly.