People who often take aspirin should pay attention. Few people know these 4 points, which can save lives at critical moments

People who often take aspirin should pay attention to these 4 points, it can save your life at critical moments, don’t take it seriously

I believe everyone is familiar with aspirin. It is a drug that can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The elderly will take this drug when they get old. As long as the blood in the body is relatively viscous and the cholesterol content is relatively high, it needs to be controlled by aspirin, but aspirin will have side effects on the body after taking aspirin. If you take aspirin for a long time, it will have a very big impact on your health. It can lead to damage to the gastric mucosa and gastric bleeding. Therefore, people who take aspirin for a long time must pay attention to the above 4 points. If you don’t know, hurry up and take a look.

Adjust blood pressure

Before taking aspirin, be sure to adjust your blood pressure in time, only in this way can you avoid bleeding risks. According to relevant research, if the blood pressure is not adjusted properly, taking aspirin will cause blood circulation to speed up, which will lead to high blood pressure, and the probability of bleeding will be very high. Especially for people who suffer from arteriosclerosis, once the blood pressure is too high, the consequences will be disastrous.

High blood pressure In the future, patients with arteriosclerosis or aneurysm will often have symptoms of bleeding. The most common symptom is nose. In this case, taking aspirin will only cause the bleeding to become more serious. Everyone must pay attention to it in life, otherwise it may lead to The disease worsened and the consequences were disastrous.

Stomach irritation

Aspirin is a drug that can cause serious damage to the stomach, and long-term use can cause damage to the gastric mucosa. If you want to reduce the damage of aspirin to the stomach, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for an examination first to find out whether there is a stomach disease or gastric ulcer in the stomach. If there is a stomach disease, you must first treat it before taking aspirin, so as to avoid It can cause great stimulation to the stomach and prevent stomach diseases from getting worse. If you must take aspirin, but there is a disease in the stomach, it is recommended to choose enteric-coated aspirin.

Cannot eat oil Fried food

When taking aspirin, you should not eat fried food, because fried food is high in calories and will cause stomach irritation. If you take aspirin at the same time , causing damage to the stomach. Not only that, but you should not take ibuprofen painkillers when taking aspirin, because these drugs will also cause greater irritation to the stomach. Ulcers, gastric perforation, etc., must be paid attention to in life.

Don’t stop taking the medicine at will

Some people have side effects after taking aspirin, so they want to stop taking aspirin. Drugs cannot be stopped arbitrarily. You need to consult a doctor before deciding whether to stop, so as to avoid harm to your health and cause major diseases.

Take aspirin often People who suffer from it must pay attention to the above 4 points, so as to achieve the effect of treatment, and at the same time avoid harm to the health of the body, in order to achieve the purpose of conditioning the body.

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