People susceptible to glaucoma, see if there are you?

Glaucoma is a very distant thing in the eyes of many people. Even many young people don’t know what glaucoma is and what harm it does?

What is glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the major blinding eye diseases in my country, and Unlike cataracts, which can be treated surgically to regain clear vision, glaucoma damages the eyes irreversibly.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases characterized by optic atrophy and visual field defect, and pathological increased intraocular pressure is its main risk factor. Some glaucoma patients have a sudden onset, and if the disease cannot be controlled, they can become blind within a few days. Glaucoma is a lifelong disease that cannot be completely cured.

Therefore, glaucoma needs early screening, early detection and early treatment.

Glaucoma susceptible population

According to the epidemiological survey data, the prevalence of glaucoma Susceptible groups are as follows:

1. People with high hyperopia or high myopia;

2. People with cataract and moderate Elderly hyperopia;

3. Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure or hypotension;

4. Family members with glaucoma

5. Migraine or degenerative diseases of central nervous system;

6. Occasional headaches , with sore eyes and blurred vision;

7. Long-term overuse of eyes;

8. Immunity The disease is currently using corticosteroids

Glaucoma is not only found in middle-aged and elderly people Nowadays, many young people also suffer from glaucoma, and these bad habits in life can easily induce glaucoma:

1. Playing in a dark environment Mobile phone

Using the eyes in a dark environment will cause the pupil to enlarge, and the iris will move to the periphery, which may cause the angle of the eye to become narrow or even closed, Blockage of fluid circulation in the eye, triggering the onset of angle-closure glaucoma.

2. Drink a lot of water in a short period of time

Some friends are used to drinking a lot of water after exercising, or drinking regularly every day A lot of water, which can indirectly lead to increased intraocular pressure. For ordinary people, the amount of aqueous humor can be adjusted by accelerating metabolism, so that the intraocular pressure is within the normal range, but for glaucoma-susceptible people, their ability to regulate intraocular pressure is poor, and excess aqueous humor cannot be removed in time to induce glaucoma.

3. Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking can greatly stimulate the brain and affect blood pressure, which is not conducive to eye health. People with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure are all susceptible to glaucoma. Quitting smoking and drinking has a positive effect on controlling blood pressure and blood sugar.