It turns out that no matter how rich these people are, they can’t have myopia surgery.

After seeing people around me have myopia laser surgery, life is much more convenient. Many people have also moved the idea of ​​​​having myopia surgery, but because of the thin cornea, they cannot realize their dreams.

Are you going to wear glasses all your life?

Fortunately, there is this.

What should I do if the cornea is too thin for laser surgery?

“Laser myopia surgery is a ‘subtractive’ surgery that corrects the degree by cutting the cornea.

The principle of myopia laser surgery is to correct the degree of myopia by cutting the cornea and changing the curvature of the cornea.

Generally speaking, for every 100 degrees of myopia correction, about 100 degrees of myopia need to be cut For a cornea of ​​12-15μm, the more degrees of correction are required, the more thickness needs to be cut.

So whether surgery can be performed depends on whether the degree of myopia meets the standard, but also See if the corneal thickness can meet the surgical standard.

The corneal thickness of normal people is about 500~550μm, but not everyone will be within the normal standard.

Some people will be thicker and some will be thinner. People with naturally thick corneas are still thicker than ordinary people even after surgery.

If the cornea is lower than the normal standard, if the degree of myopia is low, laser surgery can be done, but if the degree of myopia is relatively high, then laser surgery is out of the question.

I thought In the next few decades, we will continue to entangle with glasses, but another “additional” surgical solution – the emergence of ICL crystal implantation.

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ICL lens implantation surgery popular science

ICL lens implantation is wearable invisible Glasses can be understood as implanted “contact lenses”, which are placed in the anterior safe zone of the human eye lens, with a thickness of only about 50 μm.

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The crystal material used in EVO ICL crystals – Collamer, can stay in the eyes stably for a long time, with Very good biocompatibility, soft and elastic, no rejection reaction with the body, no foreign body sensation.

Each ICL crystal has a different code, and all crystals need to be “customized” with precision workmanship.

ICL surgery has very strict requirements for surgeons, and it can only be completed by doctors who have passed the international VISIAN ICL qualification certification.

Correction range: myopia within 1800 degrees, astigmatism within 600 degrees

✔ ICL is an additive operation and does not require cutting Corneal tissue to achieve the purpose of correcting myopia.

✔ Surgery can correct myopia within 1800 degrees and astigmatism within 600 degrees.

✔ The ICL lens can also be removed when the patient needs it, without causing structural changes in the eye.

✔ For some myopia patients with thin cornea or who are not suitable for laser myopia surgery because of dry eye, ICL lens implantation can also be considered.