[Patriotic Hygiene] The spring uniform rodent eradication activity in Shapingba District has begun, and individuals should pay attention to safety protection!

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Recently, the epidemic has spread in many places across the country, and new crown epidemics have occurred in many places. The situation is complicated and severe. In order to strictly prevent the epidemic of rat-borne diseases such as plague and hemorrhagic fever, To help normalize the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, our district is making every effort to carry out the unified rodent eradication in springactivities, please the general public Friends actively participate in prevention.

1. The harm of “four evils”

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(1) Rats can pass parasitic fleas, urine, Plague, leptospirosis, scrub typhus, typhus, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and other diseases are transmitted by blood, etc. In addition, rats consume a large amount of human food, bite clothes and articles, damage afforestation, embankment, and bite wires, etc., causing various disaster.

(2) flies body surface and abdomen It carries tens of thousands of bacteria, and has the habit of eating, spitting and pulling. Food will be contaminated by bacteria, viruses and eggs. When people eat contaminated food, intestinal infectious diseases may occur. , such as dysentery, typhoid, and polio.

(3) mosquito bites by sucking Blood can transmit malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, filariasis and other diseases.

(4) cockroaches carry a lot of A pathogen that can transmit diseases, viral hepatitis, various gastroenteritis and parasitic diseases.

Second, in addition to the “four evils” skills

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The mouse came from the slit

The key points of the mouse breeding environment include finding and closing the garbage passages in old communities; finding and closing the mouse holes ( closed with cement); the sewer pipe network is closed, look for water grate with large aperture such as the external environment, underdrain, building, unit, market, etc. and replace it with a water grate with an aperture of less than 1cm; there is no leakage in garbage bins, trash cans, and garbage transfer stations. Cover and seal.


Flies come from smelly

Fly breeding environment remediation focuses on external environment cleaning, closed daily waste cleaning process, deodorization of waste transfer stations, sewage treatment, standardized collection and transportation of aquatic poultry and meat waste at farmers’ markets, and improvement of fly-proof facilities, black odor Water body management, cleaning of public toilets and unit toilets.


Mosquitoes come from water

Mosquito breeding environment regulation focuses on waste tires, water containers (such as pickle jars, bottles, etc.), flower beds and other accumulated water, which should be cleaned once a week (mosquito from larvae to adult cycle is 7 days); pools, ponds, etc. , sewer, flower pond, rockery and other still water bodies (can be solved by raising fish or by strengthening washing); repairing road potholes, cleaning up road water, cleaning public toilets and unit toilets.


Cockroaches come from oil

Cockroaches mainly come from crevices and holes caused by oil pollution, such as kitchens, canteens, garbage storage and transportation facilities, sewage pipes, fume pipes, handicraft workshops, supermarkets, food stores, gas stations, car washes farm, food warehouseStorage, etc., the focus of remediation is to plug holes and smear cracks, and strengthen oil pollution control. Chemical methods such as residual spraying, granular poison baits, glue baits, and poison powder can be used to kill or hire PCO companies for professional control.

III. Precautions

The time for the administration of rat poison in the whole district is April 20 to 27. During the administration period, please take good care of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion; in rural areas, When putting rat poison, it is forbidden to throw it loosely to prevent the accidental ingestion of poultry and animals caused by putting rat poison. In case of accidental poisoning, please go to the hospital for treatment in time.

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