Patient Complaint: After General Anesthesia Surgery, Why Not Let Sleep?

On Monday morning, Xiaoling was called to the office by the director.

Seeing yourself in the office alone is not a good thing. Xiaoling, who was nervous, walked into the director’s office tremblingly.

The director said with a smile: Sit down, I’ll ask you to understand the situation.

What’s the situation? Xiaoling asked nervously.

No big deal.

The more the director said this, the more nervous Xiaoling became.

The director said: Some patients complained to you that they were not allowed to sleep after the operation. What was the situation then?

As soon as she heard this, all Xiaoling’s nervousness disappeared.

Then, she raised her voice and said: Is that a lot of things?

At the time, general anesthesia had just ended. After I took her back to the ward, she kept wanting to sleep. Instead, she was very arrogant in front of her husband. Her husband also had a problem and asked me indiscriminately why I didn’t let her sleep.

Even though I explained several times that I couldn’t sleep just after the general anesthesia, they were still there to show their affection and ignored us at all.

There is no other way, the nurse can only pretend to change the dressing for a while, pretend to watch the drip for a while and wake her up once.

For this reason, my second general anesthesia was delayed by more than ten minutes. As she talked, Xiaoling was about to cry when she was aggrieved.

Seeing this, the director quickly comforted: Don’t be wronged, what kind of people can’t be seen in our industry. They are sick themselves, and few are in a good mood, so we must learn to protect ourselves.

You’re not wrong about this. The general anesthesia has just ended, and the patient cannot really be allowed to sleep. It can be explained to the family that the patient still has a certain amount of anesthesia in the body, but the clinical evaluation has no anesthetic effect.

However, that’s not to say you can be completely reassured. Some anesthetics can be redistributed in the body. There are also anesthetics and even metabolites that have anesthetic effects.

Assuming the patient is asleep, a small amount of anesthetic may also have a large effect. Once respiratory depression occurs, serious problems can occur.

Next time, don’t get angry with them, just try to explain why the patient is not allowed to sleep.

Xiaoling left the director’s office with a continuous “ummm”.

Here I remind everyone that the rules of the hospital, especially the rules of the medical process, must be obeyed by the doctor or nurse. These regulations may be summed up from countless painful experiences and lessons.

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