Painting while shooting | Slow down and harvest different scenery

In today’s Shanghai, if you walk two or three steps, you can see an online celebrity check-in spot, but the one I am going to check in today is not an online celebrity check-in spot. Few people come now, and there are not so many urban modern scenes here.

The growth of the city is like the joints of bamboo. Now there are not many residents here, and there is a lot less noise. The street names here are a bit straightforward, such as Xundao Street, Pharmacy Lane… In the evening, you can have a good stroll Fan, after a while, maybe you won’t be able to see it.

Before I didn’t think those wooden houses were so beautiful. Nowadays, with the accelerated pace of urban renewal, these buildings are completely exposed to people’s eyes. Although the Chinese-style houses along the street are not as luxurious as the villas, the clean and refreshing walls match The crimson wood with a sense of age brings childhood memories to the fore.

Who is here Painted Feng Zikai-style graffiti? Pedestrians passing by are perfectly integrated into the mural, and they can vaguely hear the eager bell of the cyclist in the painting.

Although most people have moved out, youI can still see some fireworks at the corner of the alley. The older aunt is teasing the young baby. At this moment, the baby seems to be me.

Hiding in the old city The cafe in the city is different from the one in the downtown area, sitting on the second floor and looking out the window. There are no tall sycamore trees, and there is no rush of people coming and going. Occasionally counting the red tiles on the roof is also interesting.

In the former alley In summer, I often see some grandpas raising birds and teasing crickets. As everyone gradually moved into the new public housing, walking birds has become a rare sight. Therefore, the bird who was forced to live in the old alley must be quite unconvinced.

Not joining in the fun , Slow down your pace, and there may be unexpected gains.