“Pain” comes from the mouth! Unexpectedly, these few common things are the source of pain, do you have them?

In people’s minds, diseases such as low back pain and leg pain are mostly caused by sedentary and tired . Then you know what? There are some unexpected factors that are also popular causes of “lumbar and leg pain”, but you don’t know it. Let’s talk about the causes of these low back pain.

Long-term smoking

Many people know that smoking can cause respiratory diseases, but they do not know that low back pain is also associated with long-term smoking.

How does smoking cause low back pain? The main reason is that the nicotine in the smoke can constrict the blood vessels, and the lumbar intervertebral disc itself has no blood vessels, and the way to obtain nutrition is precisely through the permeation of the surrounding capillaries. If the blood vessels constrict, the nutrition will inevitably decrease, and the lumbar intervertebral disc will slowly lose its nutrition in hunger. It becomes degenerated, which can easily lead to lumbar disc herniation, that is, low back pain and leg pain.

Smoking is not good for the body, so no matter whether you have back pain or leg pain, it is best to quit smoking.

Eat a lot, eat oily

Eat a lot, eat oily It will make the body fatter, how can it be prone to low back pain? Studies have shown that obesity is one of the important factors leading to low back pain. In addition to supporting the weight of the upper body, the waist of the human body is also responsible for various twists and activities. The more weight you support, the more likely the lumbar spine will degenerate, causing lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases, and compressing the sciatic nerve to cause low back pain and leg pain. Therefore, if you are already overweight, you should focus on light food, eat 70% full or eat less and more meals to lose weight.

Long-term heavy drinking

Studies have shown that ethanol is toxic to bone cells. Long-term heavy drinking can poison bone cells, change bone reconstruction, and cause endocrine hormone imbalance, causing calcium, magnesium, zinc, protein and other nutritional disorders in the body. As a result, bone loss is aggravated, which can easily lead to osteoporosis, low back pain, back pain and a series of symptoms.

Does it need to be teetotal? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “wine” can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and has a certain relieving effect on joint pain such as low back pain and leg pain. If the body allows it, and there are no serious diseases or allergies, you can drink a small amount of alcohol under the guidance of a doctor. As for the type of alcohol, Among rice wine, beer, white wine, and red wine, drink rice wine first.

Eating cold food for a long time

In clinical practice, most of the low back pain It belongs to cold-damp type low back pain. These patients have more wind-cold-damp exogenous evils in their bodies, which have blocked the meridians and blood, and what needs to be done is “cold and hot”. Frequent consumption of cold drinks, ice cream, iced fruits, etc. is equivalent to doing the opposite, increasing the cold and dampness in the body, which will not only cause or aggravate the symptoms of low back and leg pain, but also easily damage the spleen and stomach. Therefore, eat less cold drinks and eat more warm or warm foods, such as beef, dog meat, ginger, leeks, etc.

Patients with low back and leg pain should avoid food to avoid disease from the mouth. To sum up, smoking is the absolute cause of disease, drinking in moderation, and eating more warm food.

From the perspective of Western medicine, for low back and leg pain, attention should be paid to supplementing calcium, protein, vitamins, etc. Eat foods high in calcium, such as fish, milk, yogurt, sesame, dense green vegetables, seaweed; eat foods high in protein, such as pork, chicken, beef, eggs, liver, fish, shellfish, cheese, soy products etc.; eat foods high in vitamins, such as soybeans, coarse grains, peanuts, sesame, almonds, loach, vegetable oil, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rapeseed, etc.

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