Is low back pain caused by lack of exercise? The more you exercise, the more your waist hurts, what’s the matter?

In recent years, the number of patients with low back pain and leg pain has increased day by day. Many people think that this is caused by lack of exercise . As a result, there are two situations. One is that some people with low back pain have no pain in their waist and legs through scientific exercise, but some people have more low back pain as they practice.

So what’s going on?

Let’s first understand the cause of the disease. Common diseases that can cause low back pain include lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, and lumbar spinal stenosis disease. The diseased parts of these three diseases are all on the waist, but the symptoms are different.

Lumbar muscle strain is a lesion of the lumbar muscles that does not hurt the bones. The low back pain in this type of patients is characterized by pain when getting up in the morning. It will be relieved again, and the pain will be severe in the afternoon. This is because after a night’s rest, the waist muscles are not active, the blood flow rate is slow, and the pain-causing inflammation has not been discharged, so the low back pain will be more serious in the morning, and the blood flow rate will increase after activities. The inflammation is discharged, and the pain is relieved.

Herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc is the stimulation and compression of lumbar intervertebral disc to the surrounding sciatic nerve. The pain of this disease is characterized by pain from the lower back. The pain has been radiating to the lower limbs. The pain is radioactive, like burning, like electric shock.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is the effective volume of the lumbar spinal canal caused by lumbar disc herniation, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, articular process hyperplasia, lumbar instability, etc. It becomes smaller, irritating and oppressing the nerves that pass through the inside. After walking two or three hundred meters, I feel backache and backache.

Traditional Chinese medicine has the same conservative treatment methods for the three diseases. The three diseases are collectively referred to as “arthritis”. The main clinical treatment method is to take low back pain Ning Capsules are Chinese patent medicines that warm the meridians, dredge the collaterals, dispel cold and dehumidify, reduce swelling and relieve pain. They can also be combined with acupuncture, massage and other treatments.

At the same time, scientific exercise therapy should be actively carried out for such diseases, and low back muscle exercises can help relieve pain and at the same time prevent to prevent recurrence.

However, the exercise therapy for the three types of diseases is different. Movement, it is easy to aggravate low back pain.

Lumbar muscle strain: more suitable exercise methods, such as forward bending, backward bending, etc., can exercise the muscles of the lower back , As long as you master the intensity, you can relieve low back pain through exercise.

Lumbar disc herniation: Patients with lumbar disc herniation should avoid bending forward, which will increase the compression of the lumbar disc on the sciatic nerve Pressure, so that low back pain more serious. So once you do exercises that bend your body forward, such as sit-ups, standing up to your toes, and bending forward to press your legs, it is easy to aggravate low back and leg pain.

Lumbar spinal stenosis: This disease is related to the lumbar disc Prominence is quite the opposite. What I am most afraid of is doing backbending movements, such as certain yoga movements, and doing sit-ups with abdominal boards that can be seen everywhere in the park area. On the contrary, these patients prefer forward bending movements, such as riding a bicycle, bending forward (supines, sit-ups), etc.

If your exercise method is correct, but the back pain still worsens, You can look for other reasons, such as too much exercise intensity, too long exercise time, and not drying sweat in time after exercise, allowing wind, cold and damp to enter the body, and it is easy to aggravate low back and leg pain.

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