“Only when you understand, you will love!” Looking at the historical and cultural imprints of the old city in Menghua Street

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that “promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, and create new brilliance of socialist culture”. On November 23, the third lesson of the “Ximen Academy” grassroots empowerment training was held in Menghua Street. Lu Zhongxin, an expert in the study of the old city, shared the theme of “”The Dwelling of Time”: the continuous historical records and memories of the old city”. Representatives of neighborhood committees and social workers in the streets participated online and offline.

According to reports, Mr. Lu Zhongxin once lived in Shikumen, the old city of Shanghai, for four years. For more than ten years, when the old city was facing demolition and reconstruction, he spent three years taking carpet-like photographs of this area, leaving a large number of precious images, which were assembled into the book “The Residence of Time”. At the training site, Mr. Lu also donated books to the students of Ximen Academy as souvenirs.

In class, Lu Zhongxin explained the historical changes of Old Ximen Street since the Qing Dynasty, and reproduced the old Ximen Street with rich video materials. The buildings and market features of the streets, old archways and alleys.

The relevant person in charge of the street said that the old Ximen is an important landmark in Shanghai with rich historical accumulation, and the street is committed to digging deeper And integrate the cultural resources of the jurisdiction, empower the culture of grassroots community workers, and strengthen the cultural construction of grassroots communities. Looking at Menghua Street in Menghua Street, this training will help grassroots workers gain a deeper understanding of the land under their feet, cultivate a sense of cultural identity and belonging to the Laoximen area, improve their cultural literacy, and help create a culture that respects and loves traditions atmosphere.

A social worker who participated in the training told the reporter, “Only by understanding can one love. Only by understanding the history of Menghua Street In order to better explore the new path of old city governance in the process of urban renewal, it will rejuvenate this place and improve the happiness and satisfaction of residents.”

It is reported that the “Ximen Academy” grassroots empowerment training aims to continuously improve grassroots workers’ ability to empathize with the masses, leadership, professional ability, and negotiation ability, so as to meet the needs of the development of grassroots governance work and promote the development of the old Ximen Street. The grassroots governance team has been standardized and professionally developed.