One of the historical mysteries, the mystery of the disappearance of the daughter country

The “Daughter Country” described in “Journey to the West” once left people with countless fantasies. The “Daughter Country” did exist in history. According to the “Old Tang Book”, it was recorded: “Eastern Nüguo is another name for the Western Qiang, and there is a female country in the West Sea, so it is called Dongnuyan. It is customary to take women as kings.” After the Tang Dynasty, the records of Dongnuguo in historical books were interrupted. Is the appearance of the East Girl Kingdom just a flash in the pan?

Zaba is most likely one of the remaining tribes of the East Girl Kingdom. The Zaba people still practice walking marriages. At night, the woman lights a lamp by the window and waits for the man to appear. The people living in Zaba live in the watchtowers, which are more than ten meters high. The young man must stick his fingers in the cracks of the stones and climb up the watchtowers. This requires good physical strength and flexibility. In fact, it is also a choice for the survival of the fittest. When the rooster crowed the next day, the boy would leave, and the two had nothing to do with each other from then on.