If you want to build a personal brand, you must first understand that “the master is respectful, and the ordinary person is seeking profit”

In contemporary times, many people see the value of personal branding, and more people join the ranks of building personal brands. So what kind of personal branding is successful? I think at least tens of thousands of fans must be accumulated. Do you have a work that you can produce?

On this issue, personal brand strategy consultant Wu Yuege Say, “The essence of a personal brand is not how many followers you have, but how many diehards you can connect with!” Simply put, it’s not the quantity that counts, but the quality. According to the “Six Degrees of Networking” theory, your 1 iron fan may also leverage the leverage for you and play an infinite value.

Speaking of Wuyue song, many people may not be familiar with it , he has trained for top 500 companies such as Tencent and Ali, with students in dozens of countries, and those who are familiar with him know that he does paid courses “The tuition fee he refuses is more than he earns“, This shows how cautious he is about what he wants to deliver. Recently, in order to help more people who want to build a personal brand and let them avoid detours, he sorted out his years of practical experience and successful cases of personal branding into a system, and wrote “1000 Iron Fans: Creating a System”. The Underlying Logic of Personal Branding” book.

In the book, you can learn his [4° Iron Fan Model]: Let fans remember you, let fans recognize you, let fans trust you, and let fans reward you. Let everyone who wants to achieve a personal brand find a way out that suits them.

Of course, in order to meet the needs of more people, the book It covers multi-dimensional and multi-platform content creation methods including writing, video, products, etc., so that we can better find the key points of personal value and build our own personal brand process.

I think, no matter what your product is, no matter what Where are your strengths, the three most important aspects are expressing publicly, building a content system, and guaranteeing continuous input.

I. Publicly express

in a contemporary, almost overly transparent, and everyone’s voice In the society, there is a serious problem – “The fragrance of wine is also afraid of deep alleys“, and public expression breaks this curse and helps you accelerate your entry into “personal brand”. race track.

As the author Wu Yuege said: “The more skilled you are, the more you know how to express yourself publicly, and how to use your ideas and talents as leverage to leverage more users and activate a larger market.” That is, when we continue to express our thoughts and values You can be seen, remembered, and even attracted to more people, so as to connect with more people and make more people become die-hard fans.

For example, since the written articles are sent to various platforms, Very rewarding. Whenever someone says “I think you are a warm person”, whenever someone asks me “How do you usually read“…the sense of accomplishment is full, these are all openly expressed to me The positive feedback brought me also has the opportunity to meet more excellent partners who study with me.

Mr. Fan Deng in Low Risk Entrepreneurship “: “When you hold others in your heart, you naturally don’t have reservations, and your personal value will be reflected accordingly.” Therefore, public expression is important to us. Speaking is a way of active change, a means of communicating with the outside world, and an altruistic behavior. When our output brings value to others, we receive double the reward.

Second, Content System

Many times, the reason we don’t build our personal brand is not our own It’s not that we don’t have altruistic intentions, but that we don’t have a good “content system”, or that we don’t have a clear label on us. Just like Xiaomi, Apple, Coca-Cola… These brands have their own core content system. So, how do we build our own content system?

In “1000 Iron Fans”, Wu Yuege provided us with three pieces of content, including Show muscles, show temperature and tease products, forming a complete personal brand system.

(1) Show muscles

Just like when we choose a fitness trainer, we will judge the professionalism of the trainer based on his body shape. In front of fans, we also Learn to “show muscles” and show your professionalism.

It can be based on its own positioning, identity and output main content to achieve. For example, if you want to create a “parenting expert” persona, you must focus on parenting-related professional knowledge when sharing content on a daily basis, highlighting the value, and the more vertical segmentation and the more obvious the difference, the more Valuable.

There is another point to pay special attention to, identifying professional content To make sure that the content in this field accounts for 60% of your daily output content, this will help fans to better understand you, know what problems they can solve with you, and continue to support you. attention, which generates trust.

(2) Expansion temperature

The author Wu Yuege said: “A person recognizes another person, not entirely because of his ability to solve problems, It’s because he has some trustworthy quality.” And “temperature” is an attractive quality.

For example, a friend Xuefei, who has known each other for a long time When I found out that in everything she did, there would be a group of people who would support and help her. It was strange at first, but when you think about it, it’s not surprising. Because her character is the kind of person who will stand up to help you immediately when others are in difficulty, and because of this, a group of the same people have gathered around her. I often say, “Xuefei, it’s great to meet you! You’re a shining person!”

Therefore, in the process of building a personal brand, we can’t just show our professionalism blindly, but also have “humanity” to let fans know you This person knows your temperament, preferences, and even truly “loves” you as a person, and these content should occupy 30% of your output content.

(3) Products

The content system layout that Mr. Wu Yuege gave us is as follows: professional content accounts for 60%, daily life content accounts for 30%, Only 10% is left for the product. This is a very strange thing – the most critical and most monetizable products only account for a very small part, which is so counter-intuitive!

In the book, he also emphasized that the content of this part of the product should be “Do not disturb the user, respect the user“, that is, if the user doesn’t like it, don’t do it. This statement seems to be completely contrary to our common principle of swiping the screen to sell goods?

To this, the author gave the answer: “< strong>We sell not only products, but also personalities; users buy not only products, but also a recognition of values.

In other words, conversions without trust are incomplete conversions, and such fans are also Can’t be iron powder. Therefore, when establishing a content system and sharing content, we must be a dedicated service provider. When “the purer our purpose is, the easier the road to personal branding will be, and the greater the probability of having iron fans. “!

Third, Continuous output

Many people want to build a personal brand, but why do only a few succeed? Because it is not the ability or the operational threshold that eliminates more people, but the time.

Wu Yuege does personal brand training every time , will joke: “Congratulations, you have embarked on a ‘point of no return’.” This is not only because he is a humorous person, but also because building a personal brand has never been a problem. It takes a long time to test and polish it to achieve final success. Therefore, he deliberately emphasized the importance of “continuous output” and proposed a formula – continuous input = content library + sense of accomplishment.

First, we want to ensure that there is an “output”. Some people say that the output can force the input, but the continuous input also provides the output with a “content library” that can be called at any time. This urges us to not stop learning and thinking in our daily life, record the good content whenever we see it, so that we can call it.

Secondly, let’s talk about “continuous”. The book states: “A truly excellent content creator must learn to create a sense of achievement by himself, rather than waiting for others to send flowers and applause.” That is, before everything begins , when you can’t persevere, and after you have achieved a certain harvest, please find yourself a reason to continue to persevere, so as to support you to go further and go further.

After reading 1000 Iron Fans In the future, you will find that “people’s love” only exists in an illusory world, but in real life – only when we accumulate iron powder can we leverage personal growth, build a personal brand, and have the capital to change the trajectory of life .

Therefore, “Masters repair respect , ordinary people seek profit“, it is true to look at “money”, but it is far better to look forward, seeing that the foundation of interpersonal communication is trust, the core of discovering value is stickiness, knowing that only one can find it by oneself direction, in order to have the opportunity to see the scenery at the end of the road.

So, if you want to build a personal brand, you might as well first Ask yourself a question: “Have you found your true fan?

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