“Olympic Sailing” is here! Qingdao Olympic Sailing Marine Cultural Tourism Zone launched its first IP image

The basic image of “Olympic Sailing” (Source: Qingdao Tourism Group)

“O “Sail Sail” extended image (Source: Qingdao Tourism Group)

Xinwang News, August 8 (Reporter Li Xinbang) Recently, the Olympic Sailing Center and Underwater World are jointly bidding for Qingdao City The second 5A-level scenic spot—Qingdao Olympic Sailing Marine Cultural Tourism Area, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Marine Cultural Tourism Area also officially launched its first IP image—“Olympic Sailing”.

It is understood that the design element of “Olympic Sailing” comes from the earliest resident of Qingdao Aquarium, the spotted seal, which is the historical heritage and best representative of the Olympic Sailing Marine Cultural Tourism Zone. “Olympic Sailing” is wearing a blue diving suit, representing the blue earth, and the small paper boat on top of it is a gift given to it by the father of “Olympic Sailing” before sailing around the world.

Looking at the head of “Olympic Sailing” from the back, it is like a small boat sailing on the blue sea, which is where each of our childhood dreams and ocean dreams begin. The home of “Olympic Sailing” is under the lighthouse in the heart of the Olympic Sailing Center. Every night, it emits a dazzling light with the stars on its chest to guide the sailing ships and sailors home.

As the first IP image of the Olympic Sailing Ocean Cultural Tourism Zone, the same emoji package of “Olympic Sailing” has also been launched simultaneously, which can be downloaded and used for free in the WeChat emoji store. At the same time, the cultural and creative derivatives— The “Olympic Sailing” laser bag, pendants, etc. have also been launched, and can be purchased at the Mountain and Sea Monster Market in front of the Olympic Sailing Center Museum.

In addition, Qingdao Tourism Group will continue to use this IP image as the main body, fully explore the cultural background and humanistic characteristics of the Olympic Sailing Center and the underwater world, and widely collect excellent character image combinations for the society to become the “Olympic Sailing Center”. Family”, and will also launch more excellent cultural and creative works and organize related competitions.