Old Scenery and New Appreciation – Chronicle of Senior Officials (17)

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Four years ago, I lived in a high-ranking official for a period of time. I walked around with my wife every day, and took pictures when we encountered places we liked. Today, four years later, I have come to a high-level official again, and I still go for a walk in the field every day.

Today, I deliberately came to a place I visited four years ago, and by the way, I want to send a little nostalgia for the past. Although this “ancient” is not ancient, it is only four years, but life is only a few decades, and four years is not very short. Especially for an old man who is over sixty years old and suffering from serious illness, four years is already a luxury. Therefore, although it is not very ancient, the “youqing” is still there.

The place we came to is located in the red jujube forest. There is a small path leading to the distance, and a row of poplar trees stands beside the jujube forest. The trees are still those trees; the forest is still that forest; the road is still that road. It’s still the same thing in the impression, and there is no big change. It seemed that from that moment four years ago, time stood still.

However, if you observe carefully, there are still some slight changes. By comparing the two photos, you can find the changes between them. These two photos, one was taken four years ago and the other was taken this afternoon. Both photos were taken in early winter, but the former should be earlier. Although the leaves of the jujube trees have all fallen, the leaves of the poplar trees are still there, and they are even a little green and lovely; while the one taken today, the leaves are all gone. It looks like a chicken that has shed its hair, and it is ugly; the time for the former to take pictures should be in the afternoon, with plenty of sunshine, while the latter is already crumbling at sunset and is about to set. The most important thing is that four years ago, the photographer was not yet sixty years old. He was usually alive and kicking, drinking and screaming, thinking that he could live a long life and never die; but four years later, the photographer was seriously ill and dying. It’s almost gone.

However, the setting sun is also the sun. With it, it proves that I am still living in the world, living in the light of the world; I can also enjoy the evening breeze, watch the sunset, enjoy the beautiful scenery and dream sweet dreams with my wife.

With these, it is enough.