Often low back pain, these 5 behavioral habits do not change, or aggravate low back pain, try to correct

When it comes to low back pain, I believe many people have experienced it. There are many reasons for low back pain. For men, it is likely to be caused by kidney deficiency, and for women, it may be the result of gynecological diseases.

Although mild pain does not affect normal life, with the aggravation of symptoms, patients sometimes cannot even straighten their back, so we must pay attention to this problem and use it before low back pain comes. Treat in the right way.

In addition, you should also get rid of bad living habits, because if you do these things frequently in your life, it will aggravate low back pain.

1. Cold

< p>Some young people always feel that their bodies are relatively strong, so they don’t pay attention to keeping warm, but they don’t know that over time, cold air will enter the waist and cause low back pain.

So remind everyone that when the temperature drops, you must add clothes in time. Especially in winter, the coldness is more serious. If you don’t take measures to keep warm, your body will be cold.

Second, standing for a long time

because Due to work,some people need to stand for a long time on weekdays, but in this case, the stretchability of the waist and abdomen and ligaments will be weakened, resulting in excessive local production of lactic acid, and the metabolism of the psoas muscle will also be affected. Affected, over time there will be symptoms of low back pain.

Three, often sedentary

related According to the survey, people who often sit in the office are more likely to have symptoms of low back pain, because when sitting, the lumbar nerve will be compressed, and the muscles will always be in a tense state. When overworked, it will cause back pain. Back pain problem.

So for people who often sit, they should get up and move their limbs every once in a while, so as to prevent low back pain from affecting their normal work.

Fourth, eat heavy food

Foods with heavier tastes have a higher content of salt. Although salt can enhance the sense of taste and increase appetite, it will cause damage to the kidneys in the long run. After abnormal kidney function, the main symptom is low back pain.

Especially for male friends, in the case of kidney deficiency, it is more likely to cause low back pain. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the principle of light diet on weekdays to protect the kidneys and stay away from low back pain.

5. Long-term smoking

Maybe a lot People don’t understand the relationship between smoking and low back pain. But in fact, someone has done a study and found that long-term smoking will reduce blood circulation in the lumbar spine, which will affect the blood vessels in the waist. The inability to maintain the movement of the lower back will eventually increase the probability of low back pain.

So, what can be done to prevent low back pain? In fact, doing the following things can achieve good results.

1. Regular exercise

Regular exercise of the lower back muscles in daily life can make them stronger, so that they can be better Stabilize the spine and prevent damage to the muscles and soft tissues of the lower back. In addition, proper exercise can increase blood circulation and ultimately slow down the rate of lumbar disc degeneration.

2. Choose the right mattress

If you want a healthy lumbar spine, you should choose a mattress with moderate hardness, so that the intervertebral disc can be fully stretched and the lumbar spine can rest better. The lower back sags downwards, which intensifies the pressure on the ligaments near the lumbar spine.

In general, the appearance of low back pain has a lot to do with our living habits. The five things mentioned in the article will bring back pain. In order to relieve the symptoms of low back pain, we must get rid of bad habits such as sedentary, long standing and long-term smoking.

Of course, if you have low back pain If the symptoms are more serious, you must seek the help of a doctor, find out the cause and treat it, in order to prevent the disease from getting worse.