Observing the importance of “Jingqishen” in diagnosis (with voice)

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“The Emperor said: I would like to hear the important points. Qi Bo said : Go to the extreme, do not lose the color pulse, use it without confusion, and treat it in a big way. Go against the obedience and go backwards, the specimen cannot be found, and the dead spirit will lose the country. If it goes away, it will be new, but it will be the real person. The emperor said: I heard that it is about the Master The Master said that the color pulse is not separated from the pulse, and the rest is known. Qi Bo said: Governance is one. The emperor said: What is one? Qi Bo said: One is obtained because of it. If you are ill, ask them about their emotions and follow their meanings. Those who have attained the spirit will prosper, and those who have lost their spirit will perish. The emperor said: good.” – “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, Theory of Shifting Essence and Transforming Qi”

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What does this whole paragraph mean? In the process of questioning, that is, in the question and answer between Huang Di and Qi Bo, Qi Bo emphasized color and pulse from the very beginning, and color pulse is to judge patients through objective conditions. At the same time, Qi Bo also emphasized one point, that he must ask carefully, and only after he has asked clearly can he get his spirit.

Attention everyone, the question is actually It is extremely important that during the questioning process, you will observe the patient’s expression, his state and the logical relationship of the things he is describing when he is describing his condition, so as to judge the patient’s spirit and energy. What state is it, so as to determine what state the disease is. Some patients complained of low back pain, but he said that he had headaches, insomnia, and some small rashes on his skin, so he deviated from the topic.

At this time, you must bring the patient back from the process of digressing. You have to ask in detail whether it is lumbar pain, muscle pain, or kidney pain at a deeper level. What is the sense of hierarchy? Is it aggravated after labor, or after staying up late, after a cold wind, or a heat Will it be relieved later? It hurts after sitting for a long time, or it hurts after standing for a long time. You must ask around this question, not just follow what the patient says, and then run away with it. As a result, you ask around and ask for a skin disease. When the time comes to treat him with a skin disease, that would be a digression.

So in the process of asking about illness, when we were in school, the teacher emphasized that we must ask questions around the main evidence, If a patient strays from the topic while talking, our doctor must remember to pull him back, and let him talk about the key points. Therefore, to treat a disease is to focus on the main syndrome, and conduct syndrome differentiation and treatment according to the situation of the main syndrome. So Qi Bo taught the Yellow Emperor from the very beginning that he must first understand the color pulse, and color is the complexion and the pulse. Immediately following Qi Bo, he led the Yellow Emperor to say that “governance is the ultimate one.” He suddenly said such a sentence. (Please pay attention to WeChat: pengxinboshi) Huangdi is very interested, what is one? This must be the most critical part. Qi Bo said: “Those who gain the spirit prosper, those who lose their minds perish.”In the treatment of diseases, one must grasp the verve. In this place, the doctor’s comprehension is particularly emphasized. Learning Chinese medicine emphasizes students’ comprehension. For some students, you can penetrate him without one point, and he can’t penetrate even after ten o’clock. Why? It is the lack of comprehension in this area, which is a little bit unrewarded. No matter how you point it, he will not be able to understand. Maybe this type of students may learn other things easily, but it is not easy for them to become enlightened when they study Chinese medicine.

So as a doctor, as a teacher, what is your favorite student? Just like Huangdi, Huangdi was good at asking questions, and Qibo, as his teacher, liked to answer his questions, and he answered his questions very well. In fact, during the question and answer between Huang Di and Qi Bo, Huang Di asked a total of four questions, Qi Bo answered it five times, and Qi Bo brought up the next topic while answering, so it was very exciting. The dialogue between the senior student and the senior teacher was very pleasing to the eye. From this place, we can also see how teaching is taught and how students learn, and everyone can feel it from this section. Therefore, we study the “Huangdi Neijing” not only to learn medical knowledge, there are many learning methods and health preservation methods here, including the method of being a person and doing things, the level of doing things, how to grasp the level from shallow to deep, here Huang Di and Qi Bo are both It’s a good example for us, and that’s a lot of this wisdom we get from studying the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.

Okay, thank you for listening. That’s all for today’s class. See you next time.

This article is: Dr. Peng’s lecture on “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” (with audio) – Essence – Part 5 One hundred and forty two. (More exciting content will continue to be updated…)

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