Fujian added 2 new local confirmed cases yesterday

From 0 to 24:00 on August 3, Fujian Province reported 8 new imported confirmed cases (8 in Xiamen). 2 new cases of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad (2 cases in Fuzhou) were reported on the same day.

As of 24:00 on August 3, Fujian Province has reported a total of 1,645 imported confirmed cases, 118 are currently hospitalized, and there are no deaths; There are 34 cases of imported asymptomatic infections who are still under medical observation in isolation.

At 0-24:00 on August 3, Fujian Province reported 2 new local confirmed cases (2 in Xiamen). No new local asymptomatic infections were reported that day; 1 case was released from quarantine. There are currently 11 local confirmed cases in the province, and no deaths; 2 local asymptomatic infections are still under centralized isolation and medical observation.

Currently, 158,458 close contacts have been released from medical observation, and 2,187 are still under medical observation.

(Reporter Huang Shan, Head Office)

[Editor: Li Ruofan]

[Source: CCTV News Client]

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