Nurturing is actually cultivating character

According to statistics, the average age of Chinese famous and old Chinese medicine practitioners to start health care is 46.7 years old.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says, “If you exercise at the age of half a hundred, your physical condition will decline.”

Traditional Chinese medicine also pays attention to “seven women and eight men”, that is, the rhythm of women’s life is 7, and the rhythm of men is 8. There is a healthy change in -8 years. According to this rule, women begin to age at the age of 42 and men at the age of 48, the skin elasticity becomes poor, and the hair begins to turn white.

So it makes sense to start your regimen within this time frame.

If you want to be healthy, you can’t believe in blind obedience

Health science on the Internet now There are so many, and there are many health care recommendations. Which one is right for them is also a question for many people.

Some health programs have a doctor claiming that a low pillow must be used to prevent cervical spondylosis. As a result, everyone listened to the doctor’s words, no matter whether you are lying on your back. Sleeping with low pillows and choosing the height regardless of the actual situation of the cervical vertebrae results in aggravating cervical spondylosis.

In fact, many well-known health regimens are indeed good, but not necessarily suitable for everyone.

So, when you are not sure, you can consult a doctor first, and don’t follow the trend easily.

Health, not pursuing “maverick”

Talk about health first It is to conform to nature.

For example, when it comes to sleeping, the ancients said “work at sunrise and rest at sunset”, but modern people always like to stay up late, and sooner or later problems will arise.

For example, “Spring covers autumn frost, all diseases will not arise”, which is actually beneficial to protect and promote the rise of yang.

If you learn from European and American countries to drink cold water and shower with cold water in this season, it will be the same as when the seedlings were just unearthed in spring, but suddenly there will be a What is the difference between frost?

In nature, if a plant violates the laws of nature, it must sprout and grow in winter, and what awaits it is death.

Health is actually character development

The old saying “sixty ears ”, is to let us take everything lightly, and even treat others’ misunderstandings and misunderstandings with pleasure, which is also a magic weapon for health preservation.

On the one hand, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, when the seven emotions hurt the inner, “anger increases, fear causes anger, and worry leads to qi gathering” , Excessive emotions, usually lead to visceral qi disorder, resulting in various diseases.

On the other hand, the easy-going old people are always surrounded by many young people, and the old people have more contact with young people and can master new It is very beneficial to prevent and treat brain aging.

So, how can we be easygoing?

Gan Zuwang, a master of Chinese medicine, believes that being easy-going is “forgiveness”, and that only by forgiving and not complaining can you be “as your heart desires”.

The special medicine is on you

How many elderly people have It’s a chronic disease, but don’t sigh and think about bad results all day long.

After all, if people eat whole grains, how can they not get sick?

According to statistics, nearly half of the famous old Chinese medicine practitioners in my country can enjoy a long life even if they suffer from chronic diseases. The theory of prevention first, prevention of disease and change” is giving play to its advantages.

In fact, many people in life are accustomed to entrusting their health to doctors and not paying attention to health care, which is wrong.

The so-called “disease prevention” means that we are required to adhere to a reasonable diet, active exercise, regular physical examination, and keep an eye on changes in the body, rather than Rely on a handful of medicines given by the doctor to “continue life”.

Remember, the truly brilliant doctor is not in the hospital, and the most precious panacea is not in the pharmacy, but in your body, just see Will you take advantage.

A good body is not made up

with With the improvement of modern people’s living standards, more and more people rely on taking traditional Chinese medicine or supplements to maintain health and anti-aging.

Actually, the effect of ginseng and bird’s nest is not necessarily more magical than barley!

The final result is only very common food and medicinal materials, such as japonica rice, barley, black beans, lotus seeds, wolfberry fruit, angelica and so on.

There are a lot of whole grains in it.

Eating whole grains is mainly to obtain rich dietary fiber, which is very good for preventing constipation, high blood fat, obesity, etc.

Also, not all fatigue needs to be made up.

Shi Xiaomo, the son of Shi Jinmo, one of the four famous doctors in Beijing, likened to say that “tonic is like watering and fertilizing flowers”. Different flowers have different rules. For the human body, not everyone needs tonic.

For example, people often say that they are always tired and weak, but the final inspection found that it was evidence, the humidity was too high, and the meridians were dampened after supplementing. , The cold and dampness are blocked, and the physical condition becomes worse.

Eat, learn “sheep eat grass”

Digestive function of the elderly declines. When eating, you should eat a small amount of food frequently. You can adopt the method of “grazing for sheep”, and eat 6 meals a day, each time a small amount.

Don’t add a few more bites for fear of waste.

You must know that throwing away these bites of rice may waste 5 yuan, but it will cost 50 yuan or even 500 yuan in the future. Medicine to “digest”.

After all, many common diseases are caused by overeating and obesity. For example, one of the main culprits of cancer is obesity, not to mention coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obese people are in the majority.