The ranking of women’s aging “accelerators” has been announced

The following 4 stages of skin aging in women

< strong>The first stage: 25~30 years old

The age of 25 is the “skin corner period” of every woman, after that The aging of the skin will gradually accelerate, and the elastic fibers of some skin will gradually become thicker.

The oil and moisture of the skin begin to gradually decrease, the skin texture on the face becomes thicker, and lighter wrinkles appear around the eyes and forehead. After the face, the skin will feel tight, mostly the result of decreased sebum secretion.

Second stage: 30-40 years old

The gloss of the skin will be significantly reduced, a part of the skin will lose a lot of water, and the subcutaneous fat will gradually decrease and shrink. It causes the skin of many female friends to become loose and wrinkles are more obvious.

The third stage: 40-60 years old

At this age, the skin of many people is in a state of aging as a whole, the skin wrinkles are more obvious, the complexion is darker, the loose tissue will gradually accumulate, the fat is obvious, and the mandibular border is blurred.

Stage 4: 60+

The skin on the middle and lower face will be slack, and the skin color is relatively poor and inelastic, the subcutaneous tissue is severely atrophied, and the neck also has obvious relaxation.


The ranking of women’s aging “accelerators” announced, washing their hair frequently ranked 4th, and many sisters are still doing it

1. Drink less water

Compared with men, women have more water in their bodies. So women’s body water is as high as 80% or more, while men are usually around 75%.

So women must add enough water in their daily life, so as to help the body maintain balance.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. This situation will cause the body to be in a new state for a long time. In the long run, the cells in the female body will be damaged. No moisture.

2. Diet to lose weight

Everyone says that losing weight is the least handsome topic for women. Whether it is a certain young female friend or a young woman, weight loss is often talked about.

Although proper weight loss helps maintain the endocrine balance and pH balance in the body, it can also help everyone maintain good health, but Blind weight loss is really not advisable.

There are some female friends with firm willpower who want to lose weight more quickly, and may adopt a diet to lose weight.

Although it is true that you have lost weight for a period of time, after returning to a normal diet, your weight may rebound. This is the case for a long time. May cause malnutrition in your body, may disrupt hormones in the body, and accelerate women’s aging.

3. Stay up late

Staying up all night will indeed accelerate the aging of everyone. The American doctor of sleep medicine once said: Although beauty sleep is a commonplace, but lack of sleep will indeed cause eye bags, drooping eyelids, loose eyelids, and pale complexion. Phenomenon, going to bed too late will also interfere with the rest of the vital organs of the human body, eventually causing irreversible damage.

4. Wash your hair frequently

In daily life, some women attach great importance to their own cleaning. Although they have developed the habit of washing their hair every day, their hair will become more elegant after washing tonight, giving people a very refreshing feeling, but it is too frequent. Shampooing is not good for the health of the scalp.

In addition to the damage to the stratum corneum, a large amount of oil produced by the scalp will be excessively washed away, and it is easy to seriously damage the hair follicles.

Girls wash their hair frequently, which will easily lead to faster hair loss, and at the same time, the speed of body aging will gradually accelerate. Therefore, doctors recommend that you change the frequent washing in time. It is recommended to maintain the frequency of shampooing 2-3 times a week.


If you want to slow down skin aging, do the following three steps

Anti-aging step 1: Always use sunscreen

The biggest “culprit” of wrinkles is the most inadvertent thing in daily life – sun exposure, There are two “weapons of destruction” in the sun’s rays, long-wave ultraviolet and short-wave ultraviolet.

So everyone must wear sunscreen no matter whether they go out or not. When you buy sunscreen, you should not only check the sun protection factor, but also pay attention to the UVA rating. Five-star rating can prevent sun-induced aging.

Anti-Aging Step 2: Antioxidant

In addition to the sun’s rays, a small part of the oxygen absorbed into the body, also known as free radicals, will attack the genes in the body and affect the repair of the nucleus and tissue, thereby accelerating the skin’s Ageing.

Experiments show that the ability of young people to absorb collagen is many times stronger than that of old people, so after a certain age, the ability to absorb healthy metabolism will be weakened, and even in the skin The collagen network will also be less and less, so the skin will look much older.

Anti-aging step 3: reduce sugar intake

A professor in the U.S. studied more than 500 people and found a clear link between blood sugar and appearance, based on testing their blood sugar levels.

The end result was that people with higher glucose levels were predicted to be much older than those with average glucose levels.

The predicted age of patients with normal glucose levels was much older than that of those with lower glucose levels, and finally diabetic patients were predicted to be older than those with lower glucose levels. Operators are old.

Because the glucose will attach to the collagen, the collagen will become fragile and broken, so theThe home must reduce the body’s intake of excess sugar, which means removing sugars other than those contained in natural foods.

1. Eat less processed snacks

2 , Eat less sweets

3. Try to replace the beverages in daily life with boiled water

4. Transfer the love for candy to fruit.

5. When eating staple food, gradually increase the intake of whole grains.

6. Choose brightly colored foods. For example, tomatoes contain a special ingredient – lycopene, which makes tomatoes brightly colored, absorbs oxidation well and prevents oxidative stress.

7. Choose fruits and vegetables that taste bitter. For example, broccoli, a vegetable, contains an ingredient called mustard oil. Carrots also contain mustard oil, these foods can naturally promote cell resistance to aging.