Notice! These people in Shaoxing are temporarily assigned yellow codes


Recently, the “Top 100 Advanced Manufacturing Cities Fifth Anniversary Tour and Top 100 Advanced Manufacturing Cities ( 2022) Research Report” was released, Shaoxing ranked 24th in the country, Zhejiang 3rd, second only to Hangzhou and Ningbo.

● From 6:00 to 9:00 today, Yuecheng District will Regional nucleic acid testing was carried out in the three streets of Tashan, Fushan and Beihai. Sampling objects include the local permanent population, temporary population, and temporary floating population in the three streets of Tashan, Fushan, and Beihai.

Tashan, Fushan and Beihai streets in Yuecheng District Arrangement of sampling points

Since November Starting from the 27th, Yuecheng District will specify the places that have been to the city square from November 26th to 27th, Shaoxing City People’s Hospital, Jindi Yintai City, Yan’an Road Unicom Company, Shaoxing City News Media Center and other places. The time-space accompanying personnel during the time period are temporarily assigned a health code “yellow code”.

From next year, residents who participate in the commercial supplementary medical insurance “West Lake Yilianbao” in Hangzhou will implement assisted reproductive insurance in 2023 Citizens will be able to get reimbursement up to 3,000 yuan. Assisted reproductive technology is included in the medical insurance reimbursement policy.

From today, Urumqi will gradually and orderly restore urban public transportation such as railways, civil aviation and buses; gradually and orderly restore low-risk areas The production and operation activities of supermarkets, markets, pharmacies and other business places that are closely related to people’s lives.

● Statistics from the State Administration of Taxation show that from January 1st to November 10th this year, a total of 1,640.6 billion export tax refunds (exemptions) were processed across the country Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.9%.

On the 27th, Shengzhou People’s Hospital (Zhejiang University First The Shengzhou Branch of the Hospital) Sanjiang Branch of the Medical Community was identified as the designated hospital for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia in Shengzhou City, and the original medical services of the Sanjiang Branch were completely suspended.

On the 27th, a press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Beijing stated that the temporary control time should not exceed 24 hours in principle, and hard measures are strictly prohibited. Quality isolation, hard enclosure and other measures.

● A few days ago, the Ministry of Transport released the latest “Administrative Measures for the Real-Name System of Railway Passenger Tickets”, which clarifies the purchase of tickets and the handling of ticket replacement, ticket collection, and rebooking Passenger’s true and valid identity certificate or identity certificate information shall be provided for services such as ticket refund and ticket refund. The Measures will come into effect on January 1 next year.

On the evening of the 27th, in the second round of Group E of the World Cup group stage, Japan faced Costa Rica. In the 81st minute, Japan The defensive line made a mistake, Fuller scored a goal, and Costa Rica took the lead 1-0. In the end, Japan lost 0-1 to Costa Rica.

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● Recently, the Russian Investigative Committee announced on its official website that as of now, at least 25 countries have supplied weapons to Ukraine, 21 of which are NATO members.

Shaoxing weather forecast, cloudy to cloudy with rain today , some moderate to heavy rain at night, with a temperature of 14-21°C. On the 29th The cold wave weather around the morning will affect our city from north to south, causing severe cooling, strong winds and precipitation. The daily average temperature can drop by 12-14°C.