Electric car owners in Yuecheng District are restricted, why everyone agrees?

“Electric bicycles are forbidden to enter.” Yesterday, the reporter tried to push an electric bicycle into the elevator of a unit building in Hechengjing Garden, Jianhu Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing.< /span>The “elevator stop system” then issued a warning and stopped operating until the e-bike was rolled out.

The reporter learned that in 2021, Yuecheng District will include the installation and promotion of elevator electric bicycle management and control systems in high-rise residential areas into the people’s livelihood practical projects ,starts a three-year installation program. Since the beginning of this year, Yuecheng Fire Protection has stepped up efforts to promote and recently completed the three-year plan ahead of schedule. Currently, there are 4,356 elevator electric bicycle control systems in Yuecheng District, realizing the full coverage of the system in high-rise residential areas.

Not only that, Yuecheng Firefighting also pays attention to the combination of “blocking” and “drainage”, and cooperates with relevant departments to accelerate the promotion of public charging of electric bicycles The construction of piles solves the charging problem of electric bicycles from the source. It is understood that Yuecheng District has added 200 sets of charging piles this year.

Yesterday, the reporter visited some high-rise residential areas in Yuecheng District and talked about the “elevator traffic blocking system”, Many citizens liked it. “I used to see people pushing electric bicycles upstairs and I had to persuade them, but now it’s better, and everyone consciously parks their cars in public areas to charge.” Ms. Chen from Wanbang Mingdi Community, Beihai Street, is happy Said, “With this system, I can sleep peacefully.”

In Ganoderma lucidum Street Qutunjiayuan, electric bicycles are neatly parked in the public charging area. Qutun Jiayuan is a large-scale resettlement community in Yuecheng District, with more than 2,000 households, 19 of which are high-rise residential buildings. “There are thousands of electric bicycles entering and leaving the community every day. In the past, many residents pushed their bicycles up the stairs, and they couldn’t be persuaded, and sometimes they caused conflicts.” Liu Jihai, the property manager of the community, said that since the installation of the “elevator to stop cars” System”, almost no cases of carts going up the stairs, even if they happen occasionally, they will be dissuaded by the property owner or other owners in time, and the conflicts and disputes are much less.

Chen Yangyu, captain of the Yuecheng Fire Rescue Brigade, said that the village community is the forefront of preventing and responding to emergencies, and the community is the “rescue The “key 100 meters” of early death. It is very important to use the digital intelligence system to eradicate carts going upstairs and standardize residents’ parking habits-if the “prevention” is done well, the “rescue” will be less.

(Source: Shaoxing Daily)