Notice! Don’t do these things 30 minutes before the nucleic acid test

Nucleic acid detection is the “monitoring network” for epidemic prevention and control. one of the important means.

Recently, such rumors can be seen in WeChat groups or in the circle of friends: “Before doing nucleic acid, you should clean your mouth and drink water, otherwise false positives will occur.” “Drink enough water after drinking. Rinse your mouth before you can go to the nucleic acid test.” What is the truth?

On April 28, Guo Wei, deputy chief physician of the National Medical Center for Major Public Health Events and the Department of Infectious Diseases of Tongji Hospital, replied that drinking water or eating before the nucleic acid test of oropharyngeal swabs will dilute the pharynx attached to the pharynx. Viruses, especially drinking hot water can also inhibit the activity of viruses. In order to improve the accuracy of throat swab nucleic acid detection, it is recommended that subjects do not drink water, alcohol or chew gum 30 minutes before the test to ensure high accuracy of throat swab nucleic acid detection. In addition, in order to prevent reflex vomiting from throat swab stimulation, food should be avoided 2 hours before sampling.

Guo Wei also reminds everyone to pay attention to the following points during nucleic acid testing:

First, when queuing up for nucleic acid sampling, do not crowd together, follow the principle of “one-meter noodles”, and do not speak loudly and chat .

Second, during nucleic acid sampling, relax your head slightly, open your mouth wide, and make an “ah” mouth shape, but it is not recommended to make an “ah” sound and hold your breath at the same time. to reduce the risk of infection.

Third, after the current tester has completed the test, do not go forward immediately. You can wait for the medical staff to prepare for the next collection tool, and after making a gesture, go forward and pick it up. Mask, complete the test as soon as possible in accordance with the instructions, then quickly put on the mask and leave the sampling site quickly.

Fourth, when collecting nucleic acids, do not touch the sampling table with your hands, and do not put mobile phones, ID cards and other personal items on the table.

Source: Jimu News