No matter how heavy the greasy dirt is on the range hood, just use a carrot and it will be as clean as new immediately, awesome

Usually there is a lot of oil and dirt on the range hood, which is very difficult to clean. Don’t worry, you don’t need to use any detergent, you can use a carrot head to help, very Simple and practical, let’s take a look at it together.

The range hood is often used. If it is not cleaned and it is greasy, there will be a thick layer of oil stains after wiping it with paper. The carrot head is here to help. Usually, when people fry carrots, they will find that the carrot head is very old and very unpalatable. Many friends will directly throw it away. Don’t throw it away. We cut off the carrot head and can be used to clean the oil stains on the range hood.

Prepare a pot of water, put it in the steamer, and put all the radish heads that can’t be used up at home. Don’t throw it away, you can use it To clean the hood and oil contamination. After putting it away, cover the pot, turn on the fire, and let it steam for five minutes. You can see the carrot head, and it’s all steamed.

Next, clip it out for her.

Next, wrap the carrots with a rag, and use the heat on the carrots to quickly dissolve the oil stains on the range hood. The carrots contain carotene, which can Very good softening effect of oil stains is very good.

Next wipe it all clean. Why is it said that using a carrot head can quickly clean the oil stains on the range hood? Because carrots will accelerate the rapid secretion of carotene during the high-temperature cooking process, carotene can soften oil stains well, absorb oil stains, and the effect is very good.

After all the oil stains are dissolved, it is very easy to clean up. Finally, prepare a clean rag and wipe it directly. You can see that all the oil stains are wiped on the rag. After cleaning, you can see that the range hood is as clean as new, and you can also use carrot heads to help next time. Next, you can also use a paper towel to test it. You can see that the paper towel is clean and free of oil. Next time, you can use a carrot head to clean the oil on the range hood, and the effect is very good.

Is it very simple and practical to use this method after cleaning the range hood oil? Have you learned this little trick? If you find it useful, don’t forget to forward and share it with your friends, your sharing can help more people in need.