No drug can completely prevent the new crown, and the new crown epidemic prevention still insists on dynamic clearing

No drug can completely prevent the new crown, and the new crown epidemic still insists on dynamic clearing

Recently, the domestic new crown pneumonia epidemic has been one after another, and people can’t help but ask when the epidemic will end. Indeed, the Omicron variant is becoming more and more contagious, and epidemic prevention requires greater investment. Human and material resources, is there any medicine that can prevent the new crown and end the epidemic?

Academician Zhong Nanshan said in a recent speech at an academic conference that the current domestic new crown drug clinical trials have proved that there is no clear and effective drug for the prevention of new crown infection. If the clinical efficacy can be confirmed, it can be used as a treatment drug in clinical promotion. Everyone is based on evidence-based medicine and speaks about the curative effect. The medicine that can cure the disease and save the life is a good medicine.

Therefore, epidemic prevention and control still cannot be taken lightly. Only by adhering to the dynamic clearing policy and not loosening it can we effectively ensure that people’s health is not attacked by viruses and other diseases. The investment of affordable drugs into the fight against the epidemic is the ultimate guarantee for us to finally achieve a complete victory over the epidemic.