New Crown Treatment Diary – 2022 National New Crown Treatment Classic Cases Call for Papers Launched

What are the changes in clinical characteristics of patients diagnosed with COVID-19?

How are mild, normal and severe patients differentiated?

What more effective means and methods have emerged in the treatment of new crown patients in the new round of epidemic?

What are the successful experiences and failures of the new crown treatment?

The outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, Beijing and other places this year has affected almost all provinces and cities in the country. Taking Shanghai as an example, from 0:00 on February 26, 2022 to 24:00 on June 7, 2022, the cumulative number of local confirmed cases in Shanghai in this round of epidemic reached 58,035, with 588 deaths. On April 28, Shanghai was hospitalized for treatment. 24,579 cases reached a peak, including 318 severe cases and 52 critical cases. In this battle, professional doctors such as breathing, infection, and critical illness became the main force on the front line, and successfully treated tens of thousands of patients. In the two years of fighting the epidemic, with the continuous changes of the new crown virus, the new crown treatment technology and means are also constantly innovating and improving, and more and more practical experience needs to be shared and exchanged.

The “New Crown Treatment Authoritative Online” series of live broadcasts and essay writing activities hosted by the China Health Promotion and Education Association will be launched on the public account of “Respiration World”, “New Crown Treatment Diary – 2022 National New Crown The Call for Papers on Treating Classic Cases” has been officially launched.

The selection of this case competition can focus on all aspects related to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the new crown. In addition to the respiratory profession, infection, critical illness, emergency and other related professions are welcome to participate.

During the selection period, “Respiratory World” will screen out 10 high-quality participating cases, and push articles through the “Respiratory World” official account platform. The organizer will organize The selection of experts is mainly based on the latest version of the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan, from clinical manifestations to clinical classification, identification of high-risk groups, and selection of treatment plans, and appropriately combined with the number of article views and likes. And finally selected three best case articles and seven excellent case articles.

Submission period: June 20 to September 20, 2022

Announcement of winners: September 30, 2022

Entry Requirements

Participating doctors must work in a regular medical institution and have legal medical qualifications. Participating case reports require true and complete clinical medical records and clear and accurate presentation of important clinical treatment processes.

Case report tips (need to hide the real information of the patient): The participating case report should include the chief complaint, history of present illness, past history, examination, diagnostic analysis, diagnosis, treatment Design; treatment process: the treatment steps are clear and have certain reference significance for clinical diagnosis and treatment. In order to protect patient privacy, information such as patient name and medical record number should be withheld.