I traveled thousands of miles to see a doctor, but the doctor in charge was not as high-level as the doctor in my hometown.

On a summer afternoon, Lao Zhang, who was watching TV, suddenly felt a severe abdominal pain. After finally relieving some, I quickly called my daughter.

This daughter is unusual, working as a manager in a company at a young age. In terms of income, of course, it is very objective.

After an examination at the local hospital, it was found to be cholecystitis with gallstones.

Although an acquaintance also introduced her to a well-known local surgeon, she was determined to send Lao Zhang to the province for surgery.

Just like that, the family came to the province.

Being in the province is no better than she is at home. Here, that’s really called being unaccompanied. When you arrive at the hospital, you can only be arranged by others. She would comfort herself: in the province, you can’t go wrong.

Faced with the extremely strict management of the provincial hospital, she can only find clues about her concern from the introductions of experts in the corridors.

After finishing the hospitalization, she finally found the information of the doctor who operated on her father. Seeing that there are many papers in the introduction, and she graduated from a well-known college, she was relieved a lot.

Excited, she shared the doctor’s message with her father. After listening to it, Lao Zhang also went to the doctor’s introduction column to take a look. When he saw the words “attending physician”, he nodded with confidence. I just hesitated a little when I saw this young face. But in order not to worry her daughter, she had to pretend that her daughter was well arranged.

On the day of the operation, although the doctors and nurses advised them not to be nervous, this was only a minor operation, but the father and daughter were really nervous. Especially my daughter, fidgeting outside the operating room.

After more than an hour, the door to the operating room finally opened.

Seeing that her father had woken up, her dangling heart finally fell. I thought to myself: This attending physician is really good.

After a few days in the hospital, the doctor informed them that they could be discharged. They were surprised to be discharged from the hospital in a few days. In their opinion, if you have an operation, you have to live for ten days and eight days. Not knowing why, they could only obey the arrangement and be discharged from the hospital.

Because there were still a few days of vacation left, she arranged for her father to be hospitalized in the city hospital, just in time for the treatment of rheumatism and lumbar disc herniation.

This day, acquaintances came to see Lao Zhang, and my daughter was excited to tell the acquaintances how good the level of the provincial doctors was, and she did not forget to introduce the many papers published by the attending physician.

As soon as the acquaintance heard this, she could only pull her aside and ask: The knife prescribed by the attending physician?

Daughter asks: What’s wrong?

Acquaintances said: Here, I am looking for the chief physician for you, and there is a deputy chief physician between the chief physician and the chief physician!

Hearing this, my daughter let out an “ah”. Then he muttered: I don’t know, I only know that the doctors in the province are of high level.

Acquaintances said: If it is a difficult disease, the provincial doctor should be better than the local one. After all, the number of cases seen every day is not an order of magnitude. However, routine operations such as cholecystitis in general surgery are performed by doctors in local hospitals every day, and the level may be higher than that in the province. And then…

When it first reached my mouth, I swallowed it again.

My daughter wanted to ask something, but was distracted by an acquaintance.

What I want to say here is that if my daughter knows a doctor friend, I am afraid there will be no such misunderstanding.

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