Never throw the desiccant out of the snack bag! It turned out to be so useful! I regret throwing it away for so many years

When we buy snacks and go home, we usually find that there is a desiccant in the snack bag. Many people will take it out immediately when they see it, and then throw it in the trash can. As everyone knows, there are many uses for this small bag of desiccant. I believe you will regret throwing away so much desiccant after reading it.

1. Prevent shoe odor.

In the kitchen, seasonings often agglomerate. Although the agglomeration of materials does not affect normal use, it also makes people look uncomfortable. The reason why this happens is mainly because the seasoning is damp and has entered the water. To solve the problem of seasoning agglomeration, the easiest way is to find some desiccants in the snacks and throw them into the seasoning box , then close the lid. After a few days, the agglomerated part of the seasoning will recover automatically.

3. Prevent photos from turning yellow.

When looking at some old photos, we usually find that these photos will appear yellow and flooded. How should we deal with this situation? In fact, you only need to put a few packets of desiccant in the photo box, and you can easily solve it. But it should be noted that when choosing a photo storage box, it is best to choose iron or stainless steel, which has a good airtightness and is not easy to be affected by moisture.

4. Prevent the tool from rusting.

For some infrequently used knives, as long as they are placed in the cabinet for a long time, when you take them out, you will find that the surface of these knives is covered with a thick layer of rust marks, and There will also be bluntness. Some people will throw away the knives directly after they find that they are rusted, but this will also cause a waste of property. To solve the problem of knives rusting, you can find a storage box, put the rusted knives in it, and throw away Pack desiccant. After waiting for a period of time, you will find that these rusts will disappear automatically.

5. Prevent the windows from fogging.

As the weather gets colder, when you drive in the morning, you will find that there will be fog on the windows. This is also a very troublesome problem for people who are in a hurry to drive to work in the morning. Once the window is fogged, it will not only affect the line of sight, but also slightlyCarelessness may also lead to safety accidents. At this time, you can put some desiccant on the bottom of the window, even if the outside temperature is low, the window will not fog up.

6. Prevent electronic equipment from getting wet.

Electronic equipment contains many precision parts, and these parts are also very delicate. If they get wet, the electronic equipment will not work normally. To avoid this situation, the best way is to do a good job of moisture-proofing electronic equipment. You can put electronic equipment that is not used temporarily in the package, and put a few packets of desiccant at the same time, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of moisture.