National Day outing, protect your ankles by doing this!

Text/Yangcheng Evening News All Media Reporter Xue Renzheng Correspondent You Hualing

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The National Day holiday is coming, and there are many people who take advantage of the holiday to go hiking and mountaineering.

In the process of walking and exercising, the ankle bears the weight of the whole body. It is understood that when carrying out activities that load the ankles such as mountain climbing and jumping, there will be a force several times the body weight on the ankle joint, making the ankle one of the most vulnerable joints.

Why are ankles prone to injury? How to save yourself from an ankle injury? How to do ankle protection?

The reporter interviewed Zeng Canjun, director of the Foot and Ankle Surgery Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, to answer this question.

Ankle “small, stressful”

“The average person has at least one ankle sprain in their lifetime.” Zeng Jianjun said that the ankle joint plays an important role in the human body’s structure, stabilizing and balancing the whole body and “proprioception”. , is also one of the joints we are most prone to injury in sports.

He introduced that the ankle joint is relatively small, but it is the weight-bearing joint of the lower extremity, and bears enormous pressure during the process of standing, walking, climbing, jumping, etc. The pressure on the ankle can even exceed five times the weight of the human body.”

In addition to carrying weight, the ankle also provides greater mobility. The talus of the ankle joint is wide in the front and narrow in the back. When the talus is flexed, the mobility of the back of the talus in the ankle point is relatively large, which is easy to wear. Compared with knee joints, hip joints, etc., it lacks the protection of muscle groups, making it more “fragile”.

PRICE Principles for Emergency Self Help

“Ankle injuries include fractures and ligament injuries, of which ligament injuries are the most common.” Zeng Shenjun introduced that ankle ligament injuries are mainly ligament contusions, lacerations, lacerations, and ligaments at the inner and outer ankles. Fractures, etc., fractures mainly include medial malleolus fractures, lateral malleolus fractures, posterior malleolus fractures, medial malleolus fractures, medial malleolus fractures, medial malleolus fractures, medial malleolus fractures, etc. Swelling, pain, and limited mobility are common symptoms after an ankle injury, known as “ankle impingement syndrome”.

How can I help myself after an ankle injury? Zeng Jianjun suggested using the “PRICE” principle for emergency treatment:

P(Protection): protect and immobilize the ankle to make sure it doesn’t get hurt again;

R(Rest): Rest, try not to let the ankle move too much in the short term;

I(Ice): Ice compress, apply ice or cold compress to the injured area for 20-30 minutes, it helps to reduce the continuous bleeding of capillaries in the injured area, and has the effect of hemostasis. Reduce swelling. “Don’t use safflower oil and other drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis in the early stage of injury, otherwise it will aggravate ankle injury.” Zeng Jianjun emphasized.

C(compression): A compression dressing, a bandage around the ankle to help prevent further swelling of the injured area.