Nanjing Gulou District signed a contract with Nanjing University of the Arts to deepen school-site cooperation

This article is reproduced from: People’s Daily Online-Jiangsu Channel

The picture shows the signing ceremony. Photo by Gu Xuan

People’s Daily Online, Nanjing, August 3 (Ma Xiaobo) On August 3, Nanjing Gulou District and Nanjing University of the Arts signed a strategic cooperation agreement on deepening the campus. The overall goal is to be the first good in the province, well-known in the Yangtze River Delta, national first-class art innovation pioneer area, art exhibition and performance gathering area, and cultural and tourism integration demonstration area. In 5 years, a group of art innovation laboratories and public art spaces will be built. Make positive contributions to building into an art district and building Nanjing into an art capital.

Nanjing Gulou District is blessed with unique scientific and educational resources: within an administrative area of ​​54 square kilometers, there are 20 colleges and universities, 7 university science parks above the provincial level, and 120 scientific research institutions. How to activate the resource potential and endogenous power of the old city, and transform the “sleeping” resources into the advantages of high-quality development, has become a major practical topic in Gulou District. At the event, Fang Jing, mayor of Gulou District, and Zhang Linghao, president of Nanjing University of the Arts, signed a contract on behalf of the two parties, and the Interdisciplinary Industry-Education Integration Center was officially launched.

“The signing of this strategic agreement is a ‘two-way rush’ of mutual achievement, which will definitely open a new page of school-local cooperation.” Yu Feng, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of the Arts, said that both parties will work hard Realize three major visions: to build a world-renowned first-class urban art park, innovatively build the city’s central art park with first-class design and first-class standards; to create a landmark cultural corridor that is popular among the masses, and to build the Huannan Art District into the Gulou District and Nanjing City. It will become a cultural landmark in the whole country; it will create a digital cultural and creative space that is ahead of the times, and rely on the disciplinary advantages of Nanjing University of the Arts to create a model of “art + technology” interdisciplinary integration of production and education.

It is understood that the two parties in this cooperation will focus on “jointly building the South Art and Cultural District”, “promoting the collaborative innovation of schools and places”, “jointly building the city’s central art (ancient forest) park”, and “organizing the graduation of Nanyi 520”. Carnival, “Building a Demonstration Zone for the Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism”, and “Improving Supporting Infrastructure” are carried out in six aspects. Focusing on campus-site collaborative innovation, the Gulou District will provide an art innovation base with an area of ​​no less than 2,000 square meters nearby for Nanjing University of the Arts; the two parties will jointly build the Metaverse Design Institute and the National Sound Art (Key) Laboratory; Art Colleges) Art Innovation Competition, make full use of alumni resources, and actively attract outstanding cultural enterprises.

Business and commerce are the pillar industries of Gulou District, and the district will create a new “cultural tourism landmark” together with Nanjing University of the Arts to activate the spring water of the consumer industry. The two parties will create a new highlight of cultural and tourism integration in the “Four Districts and One River” (Southern Art Campus – Gulin Park – Litchi Cultural and Creative (TV Tower) – South Art Backstreet – Outer Qinhuai River), and strive to build Gulin Park into a unique city in China Central Art Park. In addition, the two parties will jointly hold the 520 Graduation Exhibition Carnival with Nanjing Tourism Group every year to continuously enhance the brand influence and popularity of the event; a series of artistic performances will be held on Nanyi Backstreet to help create provincial and national night-time cultural tourism consumption agglomeration area.

Focusing on the integrated development of culture and tourism, the two parties will build a four-area co-construction and sharing working mechanism of “campus + scenic area + park + community”, and take the waterfront of the Drum Tower as a pilot to promote the high-quality professional resources of Nanjing University of the Arts into the scenic area , into the park, into the block, into the community; vigorously develop the art exhibition and performance industry, and create a gathering area for “festival, exhibition, competition and performance”. Unleash the vitality of art to benefit the people, and shape the characteristic IP of Drum Tower cultural tourism.

“This signing ceremony inherits the long-lasting friendship between the school and the place, gathers a strong consensus to forge ahead hand in hand, and looks forward to the bright future of the art capital.” Liu Jun, Secretary of the Gulou District Committee, said in In his speech, he said that in the future, the Gulou District will further explore new paths for the integration of “universities + residences”; release new kinetic energy for the development of “science and innovation + cultural and creative”; highlight the new urban appearance of “park + scenic spots”; deepen the new interactive practice of “campus + community” , to promote the deepening of school-local cooperation.