Mutton, is the “accelerator” of hepatitis B? People with bad liver, less 3 things, do 3 things

The liver is a very important detoxification organ in the human body. Whether its health is directly related to human health, and the liver is also known as the first of the five internal organs.

If you don’t pay attention to some bad behaviors and habits, it is very likely to cause liver disease and liver disease The type of liver disease is very complicated. In addition to common liver diseases, some special liver diseases are related to viral infections, such as hepatitis B.

He For hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a kind of liver damage caused by hepatitis B virus. This liver disease is different from common liver diseases. Common liver diseases are treated After treatment and conditioning, it can generally be controlled accordingly, and hepatitis B is contagious.

Under normal circumstances, hepatitis B is often transmitted to other people through mother-to-child blood transmission, sexual transmission, etc. , so many people in daily life can’t wait to avoid hepatitis B patients.

If you have hepatitis B If it is not treated in time, the hepatitis B virus will continue to develop, and it will cause great damage to the liver in the long run, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Mutton, is the “accelerator” of hepatitis B?

Mutton is a kind of meat food that we often eat in our daily life. The nutrients contained in mutton are relatively rich, and its nutritional value It is also relatively high, so it is liked by people.

In daily life, people can Eating some mutton can bring some benefits to the body, but there are many sayings about mutton. For example, some people have heard that if people with hepatitis B eat mutton, their condition will aggravate further.

Mutton is rich in vitamins, amino acids, calcium, zinc, dietary fiber and other substances taken into the body Afterwards, while supplementing nutrients for the body, it can also promote the smooth metabolism and excretion of excess harmful substances.

So in daily life Eating some mutton in moderation can actually help reduce the burden on the liver, so mutton is an accelerator of hepatitis B. This statement is also unfounded. For those who suffer from hepatitis B, there is no problem at all in eating some mutton in moderation in daily life.

Remember to control your intake, because if you take too much, it will easily lead to a strong anger. Liver Qi stagnation occurs.

People with bad liver, less 3 things, do 3 things

【Less 3 Things】

  • MSG

There are many sayings about MSG, You must have heard that eating too much MSG can damage the nervous system, so many people don’t dare to eat it. As a condiment, adding a small amount of MSG when cooking is not harmful, but eating too much It will not only damage the nervous system, but also the liver.

  • Alcohol

The history of Chinese drinking can be traced back thousands of years ago, and there are still many People have the behavior of drinking, and frequent drinking can easily affect the normal function of the liver, because after alcohol enters the human body, it mainly relies on the liver to decompose and metabolize, so if you want to care for dryness, I hope you drink less or not.

  • Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are the melon seeds we usually eat. It is a very pleasant thing to eat melon seeds when you are bored, and it can also satisfy your appetite. However, the oil content in sunflower seeds is relatively very high. If it is too much, it will increase the burden on the liver, and if it is serious, it will also increase the risk of fatty liver.

【Do 3 things】

  • Physical Examination

Because the liver has no peripheral nerves, many people find that their liver disease has reached an advanced stage, which also makes them feel very distressed. This reflects the importance of physical examination, regular physical examination Checking, you can know your own health status, and it can also prevent liver disease from getting worse.

  • Good state of mind

Some people are more sensitive and often encounter some Unhappy and unhappy things may lead to temper tantrums or sulking, and long-term filial piety will not only affect the mood of the person, but also affect the condition of the liver, causing stagnation of liver qi and strong anger , so I hope you can maintain a good attitude.

  • Drink more water< /li>

Maintaining sufficient water in the body helps maintain the normal functioning of various parts of the body, and at the same time promotes the body’s metabolism, so drink plenty of water It can restore the body’s metabolism and excrete it smoothly, reducing the burden on the liver, so this is also a very good way to nourish the liver, please take it to heart.

Can hepatitis B be cured?

Many people are very afraid of hepatitis B, because this disease is contagious, and infectious diseases have always caused harm to people’s bodies. Perhaps those less serious infectious diseases are not enough to affect people’s health situation.

For example, colds are also contagious, but generally people are not so afraid of colds, while hepatitis B is It is a serious disease in itself, so if you are infected with hepatitis B, the consequences are also very serious.

After suffering from hepatitis B , under the premise of cooperating with the treatment, the related symptoms can be improved, but it cannot be completely cured.

The so-called cure mainly refers to the disappearance of hepatitis B virus in the human body, and the improvement we refer to refers to the hepatitis B virus All antigenic indicators turned negative.

No matter how advanced the medical treatment is, it cannot make the hepatitis B virus in the body disappear, so the hepatitis B virus cannot be completely Cure, but it can keep the virus under control and prevent the virus from causing harm to the body.

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