Hypertensive patients, in addition to taking medication on time, keep in mind “5 less, 5 more” in diet, blood pressure obediently

Hypertension is a chronic disease and one of the related diseases. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you must treat and adjust it in time. If the treatment is not timely, Complications are likely to occur.

Many hypertensive patients heard that the medicine is three-point poison, so they did not take the medicine on time. If you take the medicine on time, it is more likely to cause blood pressure to go out of control. Therefore, hypertensive patients must take medicines on time and in a quantitative manner, so that blood pressure may be able to maintain stability.

What are the dangers of continuous elevation of blood pressure?

  • Injury to the brain

High blood pressure can cause stroke (cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction), transient ischemic attack, etc. According to data, 70% of stroke is related to high blood pressure related, and stroke is an important cause of vascular dementia.

  • Damage to the heart

High blood pressure also has a major impact on the heart. According to data, 20%-30% of hypertensive patients are accompanied by left ventricular hypertrophy, and 50% of myocardial infarction is related to hypertension. At the same time, high blood pressure will increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 2.6 times and increase the risk of heart failure by 6 times.

  • Damage to the kidneys

Long-term high blood pressure can increase glomerular pressure If the high blood pressure lasts for 10-15 years, the glomeruli will be damaged, and the renal arterioles will be damaged, which will lead to decreased renal function or development of renal failure. If simple hypertension lasts for 15 years, 42% of patients will develop kidney damage, and severe hypertension can increase the risk of uremia by 11 times.

  • Injury to eyeball

Perhaps it is difficult for people to think of the connection between high blood pressure and eyeballs. If the blood pressure in the body continues to rise, then it is very likely It can cause the fragile blood vessels in the eyes to be irritated. According to survey research data, 78% of hypertensive patients have fundus lesions, leading to vision loss, and in severe cases, there is a risk of blindness.

Patients with high blood pressure, in addition to taking medication on time, keep in mind “5 less, 5 more” in diet, and blood pressure is obedient

【5 less】< /span>

1. Spicy food

People love some spicy and stimulating food in life. Maybe these foods taste very delicious, but eating too much is not good for blood vessel health.

Some irritating substances in spicy food may stimulate blood vessels and cause blood pressure to go out of control, so hypertensive patients Eat as little as possible.

2. High-salt food

If you do not add salt when cooking, it will make the food taste dull, but too many laboratories are not good.

The sodium element in table salt can stimulate the blood vessels, causing the blood vessels to harden and lose their elasticity, which is not conducive to maintaining the stability of blood pressure 。

3. High-fat food

Fat is an indispensable nutrient for our body to function Substances, but too much fat intake will lead to increased blood concentration and affect the health of blood vessels.

So hypertensive patients should control their intake of fish and meat in their daily life, and try to eat more foods rich in high-quality fat.

4 , Alcohol

The history of Chinese drinking can be traced back thousands of years ago. It is still very common that drinking alcohol regularly can raise blood pressure.

Because alcohol can stimulate the blood vessels, so if you don’t want your blood pressure to get out of control, I hope you can control the amount of alcohol you drink , don’t be willful.

5 , high-cholesterol foods

The older generation thinks that cholesterol is a disease that can damage blood vessels Things, in fact, cholesterol is also divided into good and bad, if you often ingest bad cholesterol, it will affect the blood vessels.

Excessive intake of bad cholesterol will not only lead to increased blood concentration, but also affect the stability of blood pressure, lead to uncontrolled blood pressure.

【5 more 】

1. High potassium food< /span>

For hypertensive patients, they usually need to take antihypertensive drugs for conditioning and improvement. Compression medicine can cause the loss of potassium in the body.

So people who often take antihypertensive drugs should also eat more potassium-rich foods, which may be able to avoid potassium deficiency in the body Happening.

2 Vegetables

Generally, vegetables are very light, but the nutrients contained in them But it is very rich, so patients with high blood pressure can consider eating some vegetables often.

It may help prevent blood pressure from getting out of control, and it is also good for caring for cardiovascular health, so like I hope you don’t resist too much vegetable food.

3. Fish

Both men and women should eat some meat every day, but the calories of other meat are very high. At this time, it is recommended to eat some fish.

Fish meat is low in calories and high in nutritional value, and is very friendly to hypertensive patients, so I don’t want to Blood pressure is out of control, please eat some fish.

4 , Fruit

Most fruits are rich in water, various vitamins, trace elements and other ingredients Therefore, eating fruits often can also allow the body to obtain more comprehensive nutrients.

For those whose blood pressure is not stable, you might as well eat some fruit frequently, which may allow the body to gain Comprehensive nutrients can also help reduce the burden on the cardiovascular system.

5. Beans Food

In addition to all kinds of beans, such as tofu, soy milk, bean skin, etc. All belong to soy products, which are made from processed soybeans.

Beans are relatively rich in nutrients, so hypertensive patients should eat some beans or It is a soy product, which helps to protect blood vessels and help stabilize blood pressure.

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