Musk’s father persuaded him to lose weight. In fact, the big chest and abdomen are not lungs, but sick. Old smokers are like that.

A few days ago, Musk’s father was interviewed by the media and suggested that Musk take diet pills to lose weight, because a group of photos of the latter while on vacation showed Musk’s huge chest and abdomen and looked obviously overweight. Musk’s father does look a lot fatter in comparison, but in fact, Musk’s father doesn’t know that the shape of the chest and abdomen is a kind of sickness, and the final form of smoking is like that, called “barrel chest”!

Barrel chest is an important sign of emphysema. The chest of a normal person is flat, and the front-to-back diameter is much smaller than the left-to-right diameter. When a person breathes, the front-to-back diameter has a certain space for movement. , it bulges when inhaling and sinks when exhaling. When long-term smoking causes tracheal inflammation to cause airway stenosis, a part of the gas will be stored in the lungs, causing emphysema. At this time, the volume of the lungs will increase. The left and right diameters of the thorax are fixed, and the enlarged lungs will need space forward to elongate the front and rear diameters. At this time, the front and rear diameters of the thorax and the left and right diameters converge or even exceed the latter, forming a barrel-shaped thorax, called the barrel. Chest-like chest, generally without a 20-year history of smoking, can not produce such chest and abdominal manifestations.

Musk is usually under a lot of pressure. Smoking is a routine choice for stress relief. Not only smoking, he also has a black history of inhaling contraband in public, so emphysema in his lungs leads to barrel chest. The possibility is still very high, it is still too late to quit smoking, and smoking all the time cannot rule out the possibility of needing a lung transplant in the future.