“Moving Essence and Changing Qi”——The deep meaning of the title and the basic content of this article (with voice)

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[This article is:Dr. Peng lectures on the “Huangdi Neijing” series (with audio)-essence-of< /span>534. (More exciting content will continue to be updated…)]

” The Yellow Emperor asked: I have heard of ancient cures, but only by shifting essence and changing qi. Diseases, poisons treat the inside, needles and stones treat the outside, whether it heals or not, what is it?” – “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine·Transferring Essence and Transforming Qi”

All listeners and friends Okay, I’m Dr. Peng Xin, a Chinese medicine practitioner. From today, we will explain “The Thirteenth Chapter of Huangdi Neijing·Su Wen·Transformation of Essence and Change of Qi”. We will explain the “Theory of Movement of Essence and Changing Qi” first according to the previous practice. meaning of the name. What is “shifting the essence and changing the breath”? The ancient physicians had their own understanding. Wang Bing commented: “Moving means moving easy, and changing means changing, all of which make the evil not harm the right, and the spirit will be strengthened and the inner guard will be maintained.” Moving and changing are the same meaning, that is, the meaning of change. What to move? Move sperm. What has changed? Get pissed. It is to change the essence and qi in the body, what does it become? It is called “Keeping the spirit inward, keeping the disease safe”, which means to change the essence and qi into the correct direction, so that the evil will not harm the righteous, and finally restore the spirit, make people’s spirit strong and inward, and make the essence and qi disorder. The state is corrected and restored to a healthy and strong state. For example, if a person is vain, he becomes not vain. If the essence is weak or the essence is deficient, it will be changed into essence. All in all, it is to change the yin essence and yang qi of the human body to the normal track. After a person’s essence and qi are changed, essence represents yin, qi represents yang, and the yin and yang of the body are balanced. After the balance of yin and yang, the diseases of the body are eliminated. This is called expelling evil. (Please pay attention to WeChat: pengxinboshi)The body will be restored to health and strength, and the righteousness will be corrected. Specific to clinical, it is through treatment, or through various interventions by doctors. This document also talks about a lot of intervention methods, and also talks about the very controversial word called Zhuyou in ancient and modern China and abroad, using the method of Zhuyou, and the method of using traditional Chinese medicine, and then using acupuncture, Bianstone and other methods, mentioned many methods, These methods are all interventions. That is, doctors use various intervention methods to change the essence and qi of the human body, from disharmony to harmony, from weakness to strength, from excitement to calm. All in all, it is to strengthen the righteousness and eliminate evil spirits, return the body to normal balance, harmony, When a strong state comes up, the purpose of treatment is achieved.This is the main content of this document. The so-called “shifting essence and changing qi” refers to the use of certain therapeutic methods to transform the patient’s spirit, qi and spirit, change the pathological state of qi and blood disorders, and restore the body to a strong track, thus achieving the purpose of curing the disease. There is a sentence at the beginning of this document, which mentions that “the ancient way of curing diseases is only by shifting the essence and changing the qi. That’s it.” This is what I said, so the title of the chapter is called “Transferring Essence and Changing Qi”. Specifically, this document is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on different times and different living environments, so the disease conditions that occur are also different. If the disease conditions are different, the treatment methods are also different. The original text says, “In ancient times, the only way to cure diseases is to move the essence and change the qi.Inside, acupuncture cures outside, whether it heals or not, why? “In the era of “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, that is, the era of the two Han Dynasties. If the two Han eras are pushed forward, it is the pre-Qin period, and even the more ancient Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and even the Xia Dynasty. These eras are all ancient in the eyes of the Han Dynasty. If the time and space coordinates of that era are pushed forward, it is ancient, so he said that the ancient way of curing diseases is to use the method of shifting essence and changing qi. What method is used? Specifically, it is the method of Zhuyou.In the Han Dynasty, why were acupuncture, Bianstone, and poisons used to treat diseases, that is, Chinese herbal medicines. Some of them don’t get better. What’s the reason?That is, the first paragraph is about the ancient and the present, which means that the times were different, the living environment was different, and the methods of curing diseases were different at the time. Different, the reasons for the disease are also different.This is a comparison. Everyone must pay attention to this place. The focus of his discussion is the people of this world, that is, the people of this world in the Han Dynasty. It talks about a lot of things related to the situation at that time, “the bitter shape hurts the outside, and the four seasons are lost, and it is suitable to fight against the cold and heat”, and “worry and trouble are related to the inside”, etc. These things are also very useful today. For reference, this is the first part.What is the second part about? span>He talked about the combination of color pulse and ginseng, and combined the four seasons and five elements for comprehensive analysis. Comprehensive analysis is an important principle for clinical diagnosis of diseases.This is the second paragraph, which also contains He talked about “four seasons, eight winds and six harmony, metal, wood, water, fire, and soil are inseparable from their normal, changing and phase-shifting” and so on. There are also “pulse responds to the moon” and so on. He also talked about some “medical treatment in the Middle Ages”, The “healing of diseases in the late world” is different, and the methods are different.The third part talks about Where are the detailed consultations and the very detailed overviews? How can we accurately judge the condition? Here is a very important sentence: “If you close your family and close your doors, if you are ill, ask them about their feelings. In accordance with its meaning, those who gain God prosper, and those who lose God perish. “This sentence is very good. When diagnosing a disease, a doctor must calm his mind and resolve, and have no desires or desires. He must calm his heart first, and ask the patient’s key questions repeatedly. Only in this way can we determine where the patient’s disease comes from and where his origins and origins are. Only in this way can we be called Deshen. Everything has spirit, so does his disease, and so does the patient.< span>This god is the master, and god refers to extracting the most critical elements for him. After extraction, the diagnosis is very accurate, so the medicine, needle, and stone are all very accurate. Absence is called death of the absent person. If there is no accurate judgment, the prescription and medication will not be so accurate, the disease will not be cured, and the curative effect will not be so good. This is the key step in how a doctor makes a diagnosis. The content is very detailed. So this document is very important, and there are many controversial topics in it. This is the deep meaning and basic content of the title.< /span>Okay, thank you for listening, that’s all for today’s lecture, see you next time.This article is: Peng Doctor’s lecture on “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” (with audio) – Essence – No. 534. (More exciting content will be updated continuously…)Disclaimer: This article is for the sharing of health knowledge. The medicines, prescriptions, acupuncture and various other treatments and health preservation methods involved in this article should be used under the guidance of professional physicians, and should not be applied by yourself. We are not responsible for any problems caused by improper use. Copyright Statement: The author of this articlePeng Xin, This article is an original article and may not be reproduced without permission Or reference.(The copyright belongs to the original author, and the relevant legal rights are reserved)Recommended reading

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