White House doctor “updates” Biden’s condition: his body has improved significantly, the main symptom is sore throat

According to the latest news from NBC, White House Presidential Doctor Kevin O’Connor said on the 24th local time that Biden’s current physical condition “continues to improve significantly” after being diagnosed with the new crown virus last week. , “His main symptom now is a sore throat.”

Reported that O’Connor said on the 24th that Biden completed the third day of the new coronary pneumonia oral medication Palo Verde on the 23rd, and his “main symptom” was a sore throat. O’Connor said: “His runny nose, cough and body aches have all been greatly reduced. His voice is still somewhat muffled. His pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature are all normal. In room air, his blood oxygen The saturation is still good. His lungs are still clear.” O’Connor also said that Biden responded well to treatment and that he had no symptoms of shortness of breath.

On July 22, local time, Biden spoke on the phone with the national security team at the White House. Figure from the US media

In addition, it is reported that Michael LaRosa, the press secretary of the first lady Jill Biden, said that Jill Biden was tested for the new crown virus again on the 24th , the result is negative. She is currently located in Wilmington, Delaware, and is not showing any symptoms of the virus.

U.S. President Biden was diagnosed with the new crown virus on the 21st of this month, which has attracted continuous attention from the international media. According to reports, he has experienced various symptoms in recent days, but is still working while sick. Affected by his illness, Biden is currently in a “isolated office” state in the White House and has been forced to cancel some important visits. Biden is old and is a susceptible group of severe new coronary pneumonia. According to US media, considering that he has received two booster shots and is receiving good treatment, experts expect him to “recover soon.”

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