Mosquito repellent product prize! Drugs, Plants, Ultrasound Who is the Mosquito Buster?


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On July 25th, the topic #this year’s mosquitoes seem to be less# caused a heated discussion on the entire Internet and appeared on the hot search. As of noon on July 26, the topic has been read 360 million times and discussed 33,000 times. But obviously, many netizens in the comment area did not agree with this point of view, and they all shared the tragic situation of being attacked by mosquitoes and shared the madness of mosquitoes.

On the other hand, regardless of whether the mosquitoes are reduced or not, there are many kinds of mosquito repellent products. On July 26, the reporter visited the offline market and found that there are endless mosquito repellent products in various shopping malls, supermarkets, and retail stores, and the prices are widely distributed, ranging from ten yuan to one hundred yuan. There are even products such as mosquito repellent plants and mosquito repellent software.

What mosquito repellent products are the most effective, and which ones are IQ taxes? Why is the mosquito repellent economy so hot? Hear what the experts have to say.

A variety of mosquito repellent products fill the shelves

[Market Visit]

There are more than 20 kinds of mosquito repellent toilet water in retail stores

On the morning of the 26th, the reporter came first Go to a chain retail store near Chunxi Road in Chengdu. Mosquito repellent and personal cleaning products are placed in prominent places. Generally speaking, the mosquito repellent products here are divided into mosquito repellent toilet water (spray), mosquito coils, electric mosquito coil liquid, etc. The reporter counted them and found that there are as many as 21 kinds of mosquito repellent toilet water (spray), and the price is between 10 yuan and 30 yuan. between.

In addition, after asking the salesperson, the reporter found that there are also mosquito repellent bracelets and mosquito repellent stickers for sale in the store, but they are placed behind the cashier counter, and the price is about 20 yuan. “The bracelet sells very well, and many adults buy it for children to wear.” The salesperson told reporters.

In a large shopping mall on Chunxi Road, there are also many kinds of mosquito repellent products, and a separate area is set up. Most of the mosquito repellent products here are imported brands, and the prices are more expensive than domestic brands. Not a lot. The price of several toilet water sprays (180ml) of the domestic brand Liushen is more than 20 yuan; while an Ansu mosquito repellent (200ml) (spray) is priced at 55 yuan a bottle; The 90″ mosquito repellent product of the Mosquito Piece Piglet Set was sold for 99.8 yuan, which is also the most expensive mosquito repellent item seen during the reporter’s visit.

“Ansu Battery Mosquito Repellent Piece Piglet Set 90” is priced at 99.8 yuan

In addition to mosquito repellent spray, mosquito coils, mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito repellent bracelets, and mosquito repellent stickers, there is also a mosquito repellent net in the shopping mall. Waiting for the entrance and exit, it can effectively repel mosquitoes, and the effect can last for 60 days.

In another department store, the reporter saw a product of “Forest Area Mosquito Repellent 60ML Hydroxyphenidate” sold for 68.9 yuan, which is obviously much higher than other mosquito repellents.

After the reporter’s visit, the common mosquito repellent products on the market are mainly mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent spray, electric mosquito repellent incense liquid (tablet), mosquito repellent bracelet, mosquito repellent stickers, as well as mosquito repellent swatters, etc. Physical mosquito repellent products. But on the other hand, the reporter also found some more “exotic” mosquito repellent products.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

[Wonderful product]

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent or IQ tax

The reporter learned that in addition to drug repellent, repellent Mosquito plants have also become popular. In this regard, the reporter visited the Qingshiqiao Flower and Bird Market in Chengdu.

Here, the reporter randomly walked into a flower shop, and after expressing his intention, the boss enthusiastically recommended a mosquito repellent plant, “Fragrant wood is more effective in repelling mosquitoes, and more people buy it.” Price On the top, the fragrance wood ranges from a dozen yuan to hundreds of yuan.

During the visit, the reporter found that some common flowers also have a certain repellent effect, such as mint, cloves, night lilac, rosemary and so on. “The plants have no side effects. They can be viewed as green plants and have a certain mosquito repellent effect. Many people bought them during this time.” The owner of a flower shop told reporters.

Fragrant Wood

If it is said that plants use the characteristics of plants themselves to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes, it is more reliable. Then the mosquito repellent software looks amazing. The reporter searched for “mosquito repellent” in the mobile application mall and found more than ten mosquito repellent software, many of which claimed to use ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitoes.

One of the mosquito repellent software that charges 12 yuan has 12,000 downloads. The reporter downloaded one of the free “mosquito repellent” software, which also had 5,737 downloads. The software page is divided into four modes: indoor, outdoor, ultrasonic and sleep. Turn on the indoor mode, and you can hear the phone make a sharp low-frequency sound, similar to the sound of mosquitoes. In outdoor mode, the sound becomes louder.

It is worth mentioning that the reporter opened the comment area of ​​the software and found that almost all of them received five-star praise, and many netizens said that the effect is good and useful. But is this really the case? Some media have done relevant experiments on these mosquito repellent software, but the results are almost ineffective.

July 10, on a variety show, the mosquito-borne infectious diseaseZhu Guoding, a prevention and control expert, said that the range of mosquito repellent bracelets is too small and the effective time is short; the concentration of mosquito repellent grass is too low, and the effect is limited; ultrasonic mosquito repellent software has no scientific basis and is an intelligence quotient tax.

On the whole, it is clear that mosquito repellent means containing drugs such as mosquito coils and toilet water are more effective, and physical means such as anti-mosquito nets and electric mosquito swatters are also very useful. The cover news has done relevant experiments. The mosquito repellent bracelet and mosquito repellent sticker have a very weak repellent effect, while the mosquito repellent toilet water has an obvious effect.

[Mosquito Repellent Economy]

The track is small but essential

In the midsummer season, mosquitoes are constantly growing, and people’s demand for mosquito repellent increases greatly. But is the market really that big? A retail store can display more than 20 kinds of toilet water. Why is the mosquito repellent economy so popular?

“Economically, the mosquito repellent market is a niche market, referring to the market space occupied by a small group of customers with similar interests or needs in a larger market segment. “Financial science writer Xie Zongbo said in an interview with reporters that although mosquito repellent is a very small category in the “severe summer economy”, it is an essential and rigid need for many people. How to find a good mosquito repellent Products are a pain point for many people. If an enterprise can really solve this “pain point”, the market size may not be really small.

Various mosquito repellent toilet waters

So, why are there so many diverse products in such a market segment?

Xie Zongbo makes a point that most successful entrepreneurial businesses do not start out in large markets, but by identifying emerging or undiscovered niches in larger markets And grow the business. The mosquito repellent market is a niche market. Large enterprises pay little attention to it, and the enthusiasm for product development is not high, which gives opportunities for small and micro enterprises and start-ups. If we can solve the mosquito repellent problem through unique products or technologies, we can increase the market share and achieve a breakthrough in entrepreneurship.

“Therefore, even in such an extremely segmented niche market as mosquito repellent, there will be many entrepreneurial companies promoting R&D and the launch of various new products.” Xie Zongbo said . As for the uneven market of mosquito repellent products, he said that from an economic point of view, the emergence of any emerging market will be a mix of fish and dragons, and only really good products that have passed through time and have been recognized by the market can finally stay. Gain consumer acceptance.

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