2022 Medical Device Safety Publicity Week New formats for online sales of medical devices continue to standardize, and the rate of violations of laws and regulations has dropped significantly

This article is reproduced from: China Economic Net

China Economic Net, Beijing, July 26th (Reporter Guo Wenpei) Recently, “The new ‘Internet +’ supervision model promotes the healthy development of online sales of medical devices Seminar” was held in Beijing. The reporter learned from the conference that there is huge room for the development of online sales of medical devices in my country, and the risks of business activities are generally controllable. Among them, the new format of online sales of medical devices continues to be standardized, and the violation rate has dropped from 3.2 per million in 2018 to the current 1.6 per million.

In recent years, the vitality of Internet e-commerce has gradually emerged. With the continuous enhancement of residents’ awareness of health care, the demand for household medical equipment continues to increase, and the development of “Internet + medical equipment” is even more unstoppable. According to the latest data released by the seminar, as of now, there are 169,407 online medical device sales companies nationwide, and 600 third-party platforms for online medical device transaction services.

“At present, the supervision of online sales of medical devices has achieved phased results. Regulatory authorities, third-party platforms and online sales companies will work together to promote the healthy development of the online sales of medical devices.” State Drug Administration Wang Zhexiong, director of the Department of Medical Device Supervision, introduced that the State Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance to the supervision of online sales of medical devices, and has established a national online sales monitoring platform for medical devices, forming a monitoring pattern of “network management network”, and has achieved phased supervision results. . At present, the online sales monitoring platform has realized the daily monitoring of more than 18,000 domestic websites (including online stores), of which the total frequency of monitoring webpages of the national medical device online sales monitoring platform exceeds 212 million pages, and the new formats of medical device online sales continue to be standardized. , the violation rate dropped from 3.2 per million in 2018 to 1.6 per million, and the illegal rate of online sales of medical devices dropped significantly.

Wang Zhexiong delivered a speech.

“The Internet business model is constantly updated and iteratively updated, and the regulatory authorities must keep the same and respond to changes, adhere to the principle of ‘integrated online and offline supervision’, and implement the concept of credit supervision and smart supervision.” National Zhang Daoyang, deputy director of the Internet Transaction Supervision Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said at the meeting that it is necessary to continuously improve the governance rules and regulations, continue to promote the rectification and compliance of platform companies, strengthen supervision and law enforcement in the field of platform economy, promote the construction of national network monitoring platforms, and continue to explore industries. high-quality development path.

Zhang Daoyang gave a keynote report.

Yang Zhiqiang, Director of the Second Supervision Division of the Medical Device Supervision Department of the State Drug Administration, further introduced that in view of the virtual nature, cross-regional nature, concealment, and easy transferability of network operations, the Potential risks, the Food and Drug Administration has always adhered to the “four strictest” requirements, continuously improved the legal system for online sales of medical devices, strengthened the means and measures for the supervision of online sales of medical devices, and continued to carry out “cleaning up” actions, including cleaning up those that have not fulfilled their statutory obligations. Online medical device transactions serve third-party platforms, clean up illegal and illegal medical device online sales companies, clean up online sales of illegal medical device products, and clean up and illegally publish medical device online sales information, etc.

Yang Zhiqiang gave a keynote report.

“The ‘Internet +’ New Model of Supervision, Promoting the Healthy Development of Medical Device Online Sales Seminar” is sponsored by the Department of Device Supervision of the State Drug Administration, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and Nanfang Pharmaceutical Organized by the Economic Research Institute and the Medical Device Supply Chain Branch of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. This conference is one of the important activities of the “National Medical Device Safety Publicity Week” in 2022. It aims to strengthen the awareness of the main responsibility of third-party platforms for online medical device transactions and online sales and operation enterprises, to promote development by standardization, to ensure safety with quality, and to promote my country’s medical device network sales industry is developing healthily.