Middle-aged and elderly people should eat less steamed buns and eat more of these 4 foods, which are nutritious and healthy

At the middle-aged and old age, you should pay attention to your diet. When you are young, you are in good condition, and you can accept it occasionally if you don’t pay attention to your diet, but it starts to decline in middle age, and the functions of many organs are reduced. Pay attention to maintenance, and diseases will come to you. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the principle of correct diet is, and start from this aspect to adjust, so that you will be healthy and worry-free. Many people say that middle-aged and elderly people should eat less steamed buns and eat more healthy foods. What are some good recommendations?

1, broccoli< /h1>

Many middle-aged and elderly people often eat steamed buns. They feel that steamed buns provide energy and have a strong sense of fullness. In fact, their nutrition is very simple. Eating only steamed buns for a long time will cause cause health problems. If you can eat morebroccoli in your life, it will have a powerful effect. As a green and healthy vegetable, broccoli is mild in nature and relatively light. Most people can benefit from eating broccoli.

It contains a variety ofminerals and trace elements, can achieve the effect of enhancing resistance. In addition, there are nutrients that can improve the ability to fight cancer, and you can also get a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber needed by the human body.

2. Apple

If middle-aged and elderly people canEat an apple a day, the benefits can be seen. As a fruit with high nutritional value, apples have a good saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, which can reflect the nutritional value of apples.

It containsrich in dietary fiber, along with The ingestion of the outer skin can promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the excretion of feces, and excrete the metabolic waste produced so that the intestinal tract can remain relaxed. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people who suffer from constipation. In addition, apples contain a variety of vitamins, which can exert a good antioxidant effect, reduce the production of free radicals, and have a protective effect on blood vessels and organs.

3, eggs

Healthy food representatives often involveeggs, as cheap, nutritious and comprehensive food, eggs can be It collides with other ingredients to create a delicious taste.

Of course, eating a stewed egg or boiled egg can also directly obtain nutrition, which contains Protein is rich, and protein is the material basis of human life activities, which cannot be lacked. Only by providing enough high-quality protein can we improve resistance and maintain normal organ function. In addition, eggs are rich in amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, etc., which are needed by the human body. Eating an egg every day can only maintain life activities after nutrition is provided, and at the same time ensure the normal functioning of resistance.

4. Oats

As a healthy food, oatmeal is not high in calories, which is good for weight control. Many people begin to gain weight in middle age. The reason is that the basal metabolic rate decreases, and many bad habits are formed, which will gradually accumulate fat substances, and finally change the body shape. Excessive obesity will also accelerate various kinds Chronic diseasecomes.

If you can choose oatmeal to increase satiety and get a variety of nutrients at the same time, you will not gain weight, but also improve resistance and promote health . Oatmeal is relatively rich in cellulose, and there are many other kindstrace elements, minerals can provide, calcium, magnesium, potassium Both are rich in content.