Do these 5 things for the elderly to stay away from osteoporosis and strengthen their bones

Older people have an increased risk of osteoporosis and a decrease in bone density. If they do not supplement calcium in a good way to strengthen their bones, they may be prone to fractures and joints in the future. The risk of pain, therefore, to reduce disease prevalence through the development of good habits, those that can prevent osteoporosis known in advance.

1 , Go to the sun properly

In orderto prevent osteoporosis In daily life, you shouldsunshine properly. Exposure to the sun can promote health. If the method is appropriate, there is no need to worry about tanning or sunburn. On the contrary, it can promote the synthesis of vitamins in the body. Vitamin acquisition can accelerate the body’s absorption of calcium, thus effectively supplementing calcium. If you only get calcium, but vitamin D insufficient supply, you will also suffer from calcium deficiency.

2. Go outdoors more

In order to keep the body healthy, It is necessary to focus on calcium supplementation, which can also be achieved by cooperating with exercise to adjust. Many people lack exercise for a long time, lack of exercise will reduce their resistance, and they may gradually gain weight. Some people have poor nutrient absorption capacity, which is also related to too little long-term exercise. If you can choose sports that suit you with patience and persistence, with a high degree of cooperation, if you persist in your body circulation, maintain good metabolism, and absorb nutrients normally, you will not lack calcium.

3. Take calcium tablets correctly

Taking calcium tablets is an effective way to supplement calcium, some people already have the risk of osteoporosis, calcium deficiency Relatively serious, you should take calcium tablets according to the doctor’s guidance. The main ingredients of calcium tablets arecalcium citrate, calcium carbonate, etc., which contain calcium needed by the human body, which can be obtained compared with ordinary diet Calcium has a fast speed and a large amount, so it can be replenished more quickly to meet the needs of bones.

4. Regular inspection

To promote good health, you should Do a good job in the inspection, don’t wait until the disease appears to check, you should develop a good habit of regular physical examination In this way, we can know whether the body organs are functioning well, and the changes of various indicators. If there is a hint of calcium deficiency, there is a risk of causing disease, Early intervention is possible.

5. Intake of high calcium foods

Knowing the correct diet and providing the nutrients needed by the human body, you will find that the calcium deficiency situation is improved, and other trace elements, proteins, and vitamins will not be deficient. In the process of calcium supplementation, there are many recommendations for high-calcium foods, includingmilk, eggs, black sesame, vegetables, beans, etc. You can make appropriate adjustments according to your own diet structure, pay attention to the rules, and have a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables, so naturally you will not be deficient in certain nutrients.

It can be seen that if you want to effectively prevent osteoporosis, all of the above methods can be adopted. Only by avoiding calcium deficiency can the disease stay away.