Men who smoke for a long time, after the age of 45, can easily complete 4 movements, or are in good health

Introduction: Some men often have the habit of smoking. Smoking can relieve stress. It is men who attend parties An indispensable means, for friends who smoke regularly, after the age of 45, their lung function will decline, and the possibility of lung disease will increase.

Cigarettes contain more than 100 harmful ingredients that can damage the lungs and cause lung lesions, emphysema and bronchitis, men who smoke more and more often are prone to oral problems such as yellowing of teeth, tartar and bleeding gums,If they can complete several years of life This action may indicate that the lungs are still in a relatively healthy state.

Men who have been smoking for a long time, after the age of 45, can easily complete 4 movements, or are in good health

Blowing out candles

For men after the age of 45, if they can complete this action, it means As long as your lung function is normal, the distance to blow out the candle is about 65~75 cm, you canblow the lit candle 10~15 cm away from yourself , your lung function is normal.

Conversely, if you have trouble doing it at all, it means your lungs may not be working If you put the candle within 5-7 cm from yourself and still cannot blow out the candle, it means that your lung function may have changed. It is recommended to take a lung function test in time and quit smoking in time.

Stair climbing

< p data-track="8">Although climbing stairs seems to be very simple, in this processa lot of energy is requiredIf you want to test your lung function, you can try this method. If you can climb to the third floor in one breath without changing your face or heartbeat, it means that your lung function is relatively good and your lung capacity is relatively large.

If climbing stairs is very strenuous, you need to rest a few times before you can complete it, and there is obvious breathing Shortness of breath and dizziness indicate that the lung capacity is small, and the lungs may have been damaged. It is necessary to quit smoking as soon as possible and take good care of the lungs.


General breathholding test can judge a person’s vital capacity, people who exercise regularly , Strong lung capacity, lung function runningGenerally, the time to hold your breath is about 40 to 60 seconds.

Men after the age of 45, especially those with long-term smoking history, if they hold their breath If the time can be kept at about 40-60 seconds, it may indicate that your physical fitness is not bad.

If a man can only hold his breath for 20 seconds, it means that your lung function has decreased If you hold your breath for less than 20 seconds, between 10 and 15 seconds, it means that your lung function is poor.


It goes without saying that everyone knows that exercise is good for your health, and exercise can analyze your heart and lung function from the side. For a long-term smoker who is over 45 years old For male friends,Measure your heartbeat during exercise to achieve the purpose of cardiopulmonary function.

During running or high leg exercises, prepare a measuring instrument in advance Test your own heartbeat and pulse. If you find that it can reach about 100 to 200 beats per minute, stop exercising.

After stopping, rest for about 5-10 minutes at the operating site, and the pulse can basically return to normal,

the span>This shows that the cardiopulmonary function is in a relatively healthy state, and the body is well maintained.

Smokers who have these symptoms, please quit smoking

Coughing continues

When smoking, the lungs are poisoned by cigarettes, which will further aggravate the accumulation of toxins in the lungs, so there is a state of continuous coughing , At this time, you must not smoke anymore.

For regular smokers, cough is also a manifestation of lung lesions, manifested as dry cough, No sputum, or a small amount of white saliva. It is also found clinically that 75% of lung cancer patients have cough as the first symptom of lung cancer.

Difficulty breathing< /p>

Due to long-term smoking, it will cause continuous damage to the lungs, so there will be certain problems in the human respiratory system. At this time, there may be Some chest tightness, difficulty breathing.

For old smokers, if within a period of time, If you have trouble breathing, chest tightness and shortness of breath, you must pay attention to it, seek medical examination in time, and don’t delay treatment.

< span>Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and soreness are very difficult for ordinary people to think of. It is caused by lung disease, so this condition is treated as a joint disease such as frozen shoulder.

ActuallyBladder pain may be a symptom of lung disease span>, so there is pain and burning.

Hoarse voice

< p data-track="29">5%~18% of lung cancer patientsHoarseness is the early reaction of lung cancer, usually accompanied by cough. Hoarseness generally indicates that the tumor invades the vocal cords and causes paralysis, causing upper airway obstruction of varying degrees.

Conclusion :Men over the age of 50 are a turning point, if they do not pay attention to their health problems in time, they may lose money because of small things.

Therefore, no matter what age you are, you should always pay attention to your physical condition. Only in good health can you enjoy a better life.