Known as the “Vitamin King”! This kind of fruit is amazing

Known as the “King of Vitamins”! This kind of fruit is incredible

“Eat winter jujube in Lidong, you won’t grow old in a year”, winter jujube has many benefits for your body, if you start eating Zhanhuadong jujube from Lidong for half a month, your body The feeling is definitely different.

width=”60 p> Dongzao, also known as “Yanlaihong” and “Frozen Jujube”, originated in my country, and the Dongzao in Zhanhua, Shandong is called longevity jujube. In Zhanhua, there is a village of longevity, near the Bohai Bay and the mouth of the Yellow River , when most of the arable land is saline-alkali land, there can still be so many long-lived elderly people. I definitely don’t believe that the food is good. After all, we knew this condition before, so why?


At the same time, because winter jujube also contains vitamin P (rutin), together with vitamin C, it can help healthy capillaries. Vitamin P is also one of the main effective ingredients that can treat high blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, and reduce liver damage. If you feel a little uncomfortable in this aspect of your body, you can eat winter jujube every day. You can feel the feeling of health .

Winter jujube is not only rich in vitamins, it also contains a lot of amino acids, such as serine, aspartic acid, etc. There are 19 kinds of amino acids in winter jujube, among which There are eight types of amino acids that cannot be synthesized in the human body and can only be obtained through ingestion. Lack of amino acids can lead to slow growth and inability to concentrate. Therefore, eating some winter dates is not only helpful for adults, but also for children and developing teenagers Has a big effect.

The winter jujube is so valuable, is it delicious? Of course, winter jujube is also called rock sugar jujube, which means that winter jujube is as sweet as rock sugar and has a crunchy taste. If you eat winter jujube for the first time, you will definitely fall in love with this taste. If you want to eat it, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight because it is too sweet, because winter jujube has very low calories and most of it is fructose, so eating some in moderation is not a problem, but it will lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

Winter jujube is not only delicious and healthy, but also suitable for everyone, so everyone must try it from winter to nourish the body and prevent disease.