Men who are trying to conceive pay attention! See if your sperm fragmentation rate is qualified?

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Mr. Wang I am 32 years old this year. I am busy with my career, and it is relatively late to have children. In the past 3 years, my lover has become pregnant twice and has had two miscarriages. The two couples have done relevant examinations before marriage, and there is no abnormality. Just during the third pregnancy, a friend asked Mr. Wang to go to the hospital to check the DNA fragmentation rate of sperm. If he did not check, he would not know that Mr. Wang’s sperm fragmentation rate was as high as 46%. The cause of the miscarriage was also found. So what exactly is this sperm fragmentation rate?

sperm DNA fragmentation, which means that sperm is affected by harmful factors in the process of formation, thereby causing damage to the intact sperm DNA, forming Fragmented DNA fragments. Damage to sperm DNA can cause male infertility, reduce natural pregnancy rates, and increase the risk of miscarriage.

It is usually expressed by the sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI). It is generally believed that DFI<15% is normal. The rate of sperm fragmentation in men is too high, why?

(1) Age increases with male age (generally refers to 40 years old and above) ), DFI showed an increasing trend positively correlated with age.

(2) The pathogenic microorganisms caused by inflammation of the reproductive tract and the increase in leukocytes in the semen caused by the inflammation itself will all be oxidized by oxygen free radicals. Stress causes damage to sperm DNA.

(3) Varicocele affects sperm DNA by increasing testicular temperature, affecting testicular blood circulation and accumulating acidic metabolites.

(4) Special drugs and reproductive toxic substances, radiation and radiation such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy of tumors.

(5) Bad habits such as smoking, alcoholism, habitual hot baths and saunas, sedentary, staying up late and other life factors, as well as high temperature work and other occupational factors.

Many men report that if they do not pay attention in daily life, then the sperm fragmentation rate is too high. What’s the harm?

The sperm fragmentation rate is high, considering the high sperm deformity rate and the small number of normal sperm, pregnancy may easily lead to pregnancy Congenital malformations and stunted growth of the baby. Then after pregnancy, because the baby is unhealthy, it is prone to miscarriage, fetal biochemistry, or stillbirth. Therefore, if you want prenatal and postnatal care, it is recommended that men who are trying to conceive should check the sperm fragmentation rate before pregnancy.

So, what should men do when the sperm DNA fragmentation rate is too high?

—The first is to suggest improving your living habits.

Reduce exposure to toxic and harmful environments, such as not smoking, not drinking, reducing radiation, avoiding high temperature environments, and not using saunas , to avoid overwork, stay up late.

And maintain moderate exercise, lose weight, improve sleep quality, improve mental state, etc. Second, assist in conditioning. Proper supplementation of trace elements such as zinc and selenium is also helpful in reducing the rate of sperm fragmentation.

Finally, I wish all the friends who are watching to get pregnant as soon as possible. If you encounter difficulties during pregnancy preparation, or have questions you want to know, you can scan the code to add a pregnancy preparation instructor for free consultationfree consultation !


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