Men can drink and make friends all over the world! But these three kinds of people must not be friends, or regret it

In this fast-paced era, being able to drink alcohol seems to be an essential skill for professionals, especially male compatriots. After all, if you want to go smoothly in society, you have to have a few reliable confidants and friends. If you want your work to go smoothly, you have to have a reliable partner. These relationships need to be carefully maintained.

Participating in wine bureaus is an important way to maintain these relationships, and naturally drinking has become an essential skill for men. But we will always meet all kinds of people at the wine table, not all of them are worthy of deep friendship. After all, people are separated from each other. The place where you can show your character, after all, no matter how restrained you are usually, your true nature will always be shown after drinking.


If you meet the following three types of people in the wine bureau, you must not have a deep friendship with him, otherwise you will regret it beyond reach.

Type 1: People who don’t respect others, especially those who yell at waiters

In this world, every All occupations are equal, but there are always some people who think that their occupation is superior to others, that is, they are superior to others. Although he is usually very polite, he respects the company’s leaders and treats his colleagues very peacefully. When you go to a place like the wine bureau, you will release your instincts. One second, you are still politely entertaining distinguished guests, and the next second you are shouting loudly at the waiter, for fear that others will not know that he is eating like the boss of the company.

This kind of person is the kind of person who bullies the weak and fears the hard in his bones. He always has an inexplicable sense of superiority. He treats you fairly now Respect, if one day his own position surpasses yours, and he feels that he is better than you, maybe the person he swears at is you.

So when you meet this kind of person at the wine bureau, no matter how much he respects you at that time, as long as his attitude towards people in a special industry can directly negate the idea of ​​having a deep friendship with him.

The second type: people who do not consider other people’s feelings, force others to make things difficult, and maliciously persuade people to drink

Some people usually look humble and polite, and they are also polite to everyone There is a plus, but as soon as I got to the wine table, I took off the mask of being a modest gentleman. I only cared about my own feelings, and I kept persuading others to drink. It is very uncomfortable to hear some words that are suspected of moral kidnapping such as “giving face” and “do not drink to look down on me”.


If you meet this kind of person with two faces in the wine bureau, don’t make friends with him, lest one day you He will not take your feelings into consideration when participating in the drinking game together, embarrassing you.

The third type: people who drink without restraint and become crazy when they get drunk

They all say that the quality of wine depends on character, which is in the wine bureau The performance is most prominent on the table. Some people seem to have never drank alcohol when they drink at the wine bureau. They keep drinking vigorously. Get your money back. It would be understandable if he had a good capacity for drinking so much, but there are some people who obviously have a bad capacity for alcohol, but still drink themselves hard until they get drunk, and when they get drunk, they will go crazy with alcohol. , And let the people in the wine bureau watch him lively.

A person like this who cannot restrain his desire, even if he usually Don’t befriend him no matter how well you behave, otherwise you won’t know that one day he will harm you in order to satisfy his own selfish desires.

Of course, we can still meet like-minded people in the wine game, maybe because you all like to drink the same type of wine, maybe you can become a bosom friend, so ah, when you hold a wine game, you must be careful When choosing wine for the wine bureau, of course, you don’t need to choose any special high-end brand-name wine, as long as it is brewed with pure grain, the quality and taste are remarkable, and it will be better if the price is not bad, like the following two The pure grain wine is what the author is drinking recently. It is cheap and delicious, and it is most suitable as a wine for wine.

The first one: Zhengtai Kunsha

This wine is produced in a small winery in the small town of Moutai, Guizhou. Although the winery is not well-known, the strength of the winery is excellent. The selection is also the best. The raw materials are only high-quality small red sorghum and high-quality wheat, which are local specialties with thick skin and small grains. The craft only uses the same standard “12987” Daqu Kunsha craft as Maotai, and the brewing water only uses natural river water from Chishui River.


Because the brewing environment, brewing materials, and brewing process are almost the same as Moutai, the final wine is quite Moutai-like, not only has a strong sauce flavor, but also has a complex aroma. Very pure, full-bodied and delicate wine feels very good to drink. The entrance of the wine is full of strong wine aroma. This kind of aroma makes people very comfortable.

And the biggest highlight of this wine is its kilogram bottle packaging, which is especially suitable for wine bureaus with a large amount of alcohol. The quality of the wine not only makes the guests drink happily, but also shows their atmosphere.

The second type: Baiyunbian 12-year aging

Although this wine is a fragrant liquor, it has the title of “Hubei Moutai” , which shows that its quality and strength are not bad. In order to prove that he is worthy of this title, Baiyunbian also conquered all drinking friends with his unique wine aroma.

After all, as a typical representative of mixed-flavor liquor, this wine has never conceded in the performance of wine aroma. The flavor of “thick sauce and fragrance” that fragrance-type liquor should have is fully displayed to drinking friends, and it also highlights its own unique flavor. Because it is an aging series, this wine has more aging charm of old wine, and the taste is mellow and delicate. , it is very comfortable to drink, high in quality and low in price, and is also very suitable for occasions such as wine bureaus.

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