Men are prone to ejaculation, which originates from the disharmony between the heart and the kidneys. One side communicates with the heart and the kidneys, and the water and fire complement each other, naturally solidifying and powerful

Mr. Yang, 36 years old, is also an old friend of mine.

The patient was cured of prostatitis 4 years ago at our office, this time because of another An unspeakable illness came, and by the way, a re-examination before seeing a doctor, the result of the prostatic fluid test was normal.

The patient reported that he was sensitive and easy to ejaculate 2 years ago without obvious incentives, and felt difficult to For the sake of beauty, I have been buying medicines by myself for treatment, and the results are good and bad. Now the symptoms are getting worse, the husband and wife are at odds, and I am distressed. I finally made up my mind to seek medical treatment.

Engrave: Hot hands and feet, dizziness, sore legs, restlessness, facial fever, Easy to sweat, urine waiting. Pale tongue, thin yellow fur, stringy and thready pulse.

The syndrome belongs to disharmony between the heart and the kidney, and the treatment is based on the communication between the heart and the kidney.

Prescription: cinnamon, coptis, lily, habitat, cork, Amomum, Poria, Polygala, Magneto, Uncaria, Raw Keel, Raw Oyster

Take 10 doses, and the time is extended , Remaining symptoms alleviated, pale tongue, thin yellow fur, stringy and thready pulse. The medicine is symptomatic, and the prescription is 10 doses. After the medicine was finished, he called to inform him that the time was satisfactory, and the remaining symptoms were all gone, and he was advised to take Zhibai Dihuang Pills to deal with the aftermath.

“Diagnostic Record”: “The heart likes tranquility, and does not like overwork. Overwork causes the heart to move, and when the heart moves, the fire rises and becomes inflamed. When the fire is inflamed, water and fire are separated. The qi of the heart cannot flow down to the kidneys. Don’t let it out. The heart can’t absorb the kidneys, but the essence can’t get out.”

Kidney, the main sting, the foundation of sealing, and the place of essence. The heart stores the spirit, the kidney stores the essence, and the heart and kidney are the root of the spirit.

Shen Jinao of the Qing Dynasty believes: “The heart fire is strong, the kidney water is weak, and the heart has Desire is quicker to be moved, quicker to vent.” “The Origin of Miscellaneous Diseases Rhinoceros Candle · The Origin of Lust and Injury” also emphasizes that “exuberance of the heart fire is at the top, and kidney water is at the bottom” can cause premature and too fast ejaculation.

To sum up From the above, we can know the importance of “heart-kidney mutual aid” for normal ejaculation. Looking back at this case, it was caused by disharmony between the heart and the kidney, inflammation of the heart fire, lack of concentration of the mind, and excessive rapid discharge of essence due to kidney deficiency.

Hot hands, feet and heart, easy to sweat, sore legs, facial fever, etc. It is caused by inflammation of fire due to deficiency of yin; pale tongue, thin yellow fur, stringy and thin pulse are the symptoms of fire inflammation due to deficiency of yin.

So the first method of treatment is the combination of water and fire. The cinnamon in the prescription is pungent, sweet and hot, which can nourish the fire and help the yang, and draw the fire back to its source; Coptis chinensis and Cortex Phellodendri can relieve the fire from the bitter cold, and can clear the heart fire, stomach fire and damp heat in the middle and lower burns;

Shengdi nourishes the kidney meridians and adds lean marrow; lily, Poria cocos, Polygala, Uncaria, magnetite, raw keel, and raw oysters calm the nerves, Pouring yang and tonifying yin; Amomum indica qi returns to the kidney.

The combination of various medicines can play the role of communicating the heart and kidney, calming the mind and calming the mind. The prescriptions and syndromes are consistent, the heart and kidney are mutually beneficial, and the effect is very fast.