Eating protein well is indispensable for longevity? Doctor reminds: when you get older, take protein supplements, keep these 3 points in mind

Ms. Zhang recently had a troublesome thing. In the past, she was busy with work and had no time to take care of her father. Now that she is finally free, she finds that there are many differences in diet between herself and her father. For example, my father usually likes to be vegetarian, he does not want to eat any meat, and he does not eat foods with high protein content.

This makes Ms. Wang very worried. On the one hand, she and her father always have conflicts at the dinner table because of different diets. Gao, she was afraid that her father’s unbalanced diet would have a bad impact on her body. Ms. Zhang couldn’t sleep at night when she thought of these things.

By chance, Ms. Zhang discovered in a conversation with a friend that the older People always have many concerns about diet. For example, my friend’s mother is very resisting eating soy products, thinking that it is harmful to the body, but there are many nutrients in soy products.

That’s why Ms. Zhang wanted to consult a doctor. As soon as the father heard that his daughter was going to the hospital, he followed her without saying a word.

The doctor was very curious about why Ms. Zhang’s father didn’t eat meat, but Ms. Zhang’s father said: “Don’t you know, There is a lot of protein in meat, eat more It is easy to get cancer.” The doctor told him immediately after hearing this: “Excessive consumption of protein will indeed affect the body, but the human body needs protein to maintain a normal state.”

< p data-track="7">Ms. Zhang’s father laughed when he heard it: “What are the benefits of eating protein? Doctor, you must have made a mistake!” Everyone knows What are the benefits of eating protein for the body?

1. What does protein do to the body benefit? Doctor: Eating good protein is indispensable for a long life!

In fact, protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. In order to maintain our health, ensure growth and development and smooth daily activities, we need to consume it every day A certain amount of food to supplement this nutrient.

With age, the basal metabolism of old people decreases, The resistance to diseases will also gradually deteriorate, so the demand for protein will be higher than that of adults, and the human body will consume a lot of protein in the process of aging, and if protein is supplemented in time, it can certainly The degree of anti-aging, so as to achieve the purpose of longevity.

Moreover, Japanese scholars have discovered a protein that prolongs the lifespan of Drosophila—AP1, and this protein also exists in the human body, which further confirms the above statement.

Besides, there are many other benefits of protein to the human body. Next, I will start with Protein Talk about the benefits of protein in the two aspects of fat loss and bone health.

For women who want to maintain their figure, they often tailor a diet plan for themselves and adjust their diet structure, such as eating less fat and high-calorie foods. What you may not know is thatprotein plays an important role in a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss.

Because protein increases the “production” of glucose in the small intestine, and after the brain analyzes the glucose level in the small intestine, it will send out “Are you full?” message, if this message can be sent out smoothly, it can suppress our appetite and achieve the effect of fat loss.

In addition, protein is not only the material basis of life activities, but also the main raw material for the synthesis of muscle tissue and bone. Protein will be crucial to guaranteeing the functions of muscles, bones and other organs.

Taking the muscle function of the human body as an example, when we are old , muscle tissue will continue to decrease, and at the same time, muscle strength and function will gradually weaken. If you supplement dietary protein and amino acids needed by the body in an appropriate amount, you can stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein, and increase muscle strength, and the symptoms of muscle mass loss and muscle strength decline caused by the aging process can also be alleviated.

It can be seen that protein is beneficial to the body The beneficial effect is not small, so we must do a good job of supplementing protein in our lives.

Second, how should we “eat well” protein?

Lean meat, eggs, fish… We can get protein from different foods every day, and while supplementing protein, we must also pay attention to intake High-quality protein, Let’s take a look at how we can “eat good” protein.

1. Better quality

You know where the protein comes from ? In fact, most of the protein in the diet comes from these two types of food, animals and plants. I believe everyone may have heard the saying “Eat high-quality protein“. , the type of amino acid contained, the level of absorption and utilization by the human body These three aspects are used as the criteria for judging high-quality protein.


Take the protein content as an example, the protein content per 100g of food, can reflect the richness of the protein, and the protein must contain 8 kinds of essential amino acids, such as methionine, isoleucine, leucine, etc.

In addition, the more protein content, and the composition of amino acids is the closest to the needs of the human body, the higher the absorption rate of the food, the higher the nutritional value, This can be called high-quality protein. For example, we can put more eggs, milk, shrimp on the table in our daily life. These foods are rich in high-quality protein.

2. Quantity must be sufficient

There is no doubt that protein plays an important role in the human body, but only adequate intake can benefit our body, for example adult males should consume 65g a day For protein, adult women need to consume 55g of protein. If you don’t know the specific diet plan, I will use milk as an example.

If you want to take in enough protein, you can choose to drink 1bag of 250-300ml milk, and add an egg at the same time , can well meet the protein intake standard. However, the above is only the intake required by ordinary people. If you are suffering from gout or other diseases, you can under the guidance of a doctor adjust the protein intake in an appropriate amount. Everything must be based on the premise of health Down.

3. Meat and Vegetable Matching

Although protein is good, we can’t take too much, especially for the elderly with declining organ function, weakened liver, kidney and gastrointestinal digestion. If protein is taken too much, it may accelerate bone loss. The dissolution of calcium in the substance increases the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, we can supplement half of the daily protein intake with vegetarian food, that is, pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. In life, we usually eat meat to supplement protein, but excessive eating may lead to increased blood lipids.

If you can replace half of them with plant-based foods at this time, and achieve a combination of meat and vegetables, you can reduce fat intake and avoid Hyperlipidemia occurs.

3. The diet of the elderly should follow “Three one three” principle

In addition to paying attention to protein intake, there are actually many precautions in the diet of the elderly. Here I suggest that the elderly< strong>Follow the “three one three” diet principle.

First of all, “three” refers to the balanced intake of the three major nutrients. Some people may not know what the three major nutrients are. Protein, as we just said, is one of them, but there are also fats and carbohydrates.

Take fat as an example, it actually contains two types of animal fat and vegetable fat, the elderly should not regard it as a scourge, they can choose to consume plant Fat, because it contains unsaturated fatty acids, can protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular of the elderly.

Secondly, “one” means that the elderly should 1 cup of soup per day, soup is not only good for digestion, but also can reduce the occurrence of constipation.

The last “three” refers to the three things the elderly should pay attention to in their diet. One is to eat more milk and Soy products, these two types of foods are easily absorbed dietary calcium sources, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in the elderly due to calcium deficiency.

The second is to eat more iron-rich foods to increase hemoglobin, which has a positive impact on blood flow velocity and blood flow, and can also Ensure blood supply to vital organs.

Third, the elderly should choose foods rich in vitamins , such as vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the variety, which can not only promote metabolism, but also improve physiological functions. If you are a disease patient, never don’t adjust your diet plan without authorization, and you should eat reasonably and healthily under the guidance of a doctor.


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