Many people are eating the blended “fake oyster sauce”! When buying oyster sauce, these truths must be known

Old Yu lives in the north, and when he was a child, the condiments at home were mainly salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar and soy sauce. But now, with the rise of Cantonese cuisine, oyster sauce for cooking is becoming a must-have seasoning for many household cooking seasonings. Indeed, whether it is a cold side dish, or stir-fried or stewed, adding a little oyster sauce will instantly make the whole dish delicious!

Oyster sauce is not the cooking oil we use for cooking, but the oyster meat A concentrated seasoning sauce extracted from the sea, because it is very viscous, it is called oyster sauce. Oyster sauce can not only make dishes more delicious, but also rich in trace elements and various amino acids, especially oyster sauce contains a lot of zinc, so oyster sauce is also the most suitable condiment for men.

Because oyster sauce is easy to use, Lao Yu found out that there are mixed Mixed with a lot of blended “fake oyster sauce”! Because, real oyster sauce, the raw materials are expensive, and oyster meat must be used to make soup, and finally boiled into an ideal viscous shape to make oyster sauce. However, a pot of oyster meat can only boil a pot of oyster sauce.

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Therefore, some unscrupulous merchants will use blending methods to make fake oyster sauce, It can be said that this oyster sauce has no oyster juice in it except for the taste! Today, Lao Yu will not talk about recipes or cooking skills, but just talk about the following truths that everyone must know when buying oyster sauce!

Characteristics of fake oyster sauce

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Fake oyster sauce is made to imitate real oyster sauce, so first of all its color is wrong. The color of fake oyster sauce is generally dark brown, and even some oyster sauce is black, but if you encounter this kind of oyster sauce, you can be sure it is fake!

Secondly, fake oyster sauce has low viscosity. Generally speaking, fake oyster sauce is thickened entirely by adding a large amount of starch. Although it has a long shelf life, if it is stored for a long time, the viscosity will decrease.

So how do you look at the viscosity? When buying oyster sauce, turn the bottle of oyster sauce upside down. If it is real oyster sauce, the phenomenon of hanging on the wall will be very serious. If it is fake oyster sauce, the bottle will be clean after a while!

Characteristics of real oyster sauce

< p data-track="11">First of all, the color of real oyster sauce is completely different from that of fake oyster sauce. The real oyster sauce seems to be quite dark in color, but in fact, it is slightly red when you look closely. Especially through strong light, it can be seen at a glance.

Secondly, real oyster sauce has a higher viscosity and no impurities. Use the flashlight of your mobile phone to illuminate the bottom of the oyster sauce bottle, not only will you find that the oyster sauce is dark red, but the paste inside is also very clean without any impurities.

How to choose high-quality oyster sauce?

1. First look at the ingredients list

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Old Yu reminds everyone that in the ingredient list of real oyster sauce, oyster juice must be ranked first, or it is preceded by water and then oyster juice. Because, according to “National Food Safety Standard Prepackaged Food Labeling General Rules”, all food must be produced in a pot, and the main ingredients, auxiliary materials and food additives are added in descending order according to the amount added. In other words, the one with the highest content is ranked first, and the one with the least content is ranked last.

If we see a bottle of oyster sauce, it contains Oyster sauce is at the bottom, which means that the quality of this oyster sauce is very low. It can be said to be a half-truth and half-fake oyster sauce, with too many things mixed in it.

2. Look at the nutritional composition table


As we all know, oyster sauce is the thick soup made from oyster meat, so the real oyster sauce contains protein. Fake oyster sauce is generally blended with starch, pigment and monosodium glutamate, so either the protein content is extremely low, or there is no protein! Conversely, the higher the quality of oyster sauce, the higher the protein content, so you can compare different brands of oyster sauce to see which one has the highest protein content!

3. Finally, look at the implementation standard

The executive standard is the country’s minimum requirement for the quality of oyster sauce, as long as the oyster sauce meets this standard, the quality can be guaranteed! Here, Lao Yu would like to tell you that the implementation standard of oyster sauce is: GB/T21999. Friends who like to use oyster sauce for cooking must remember this implementation standard, as long as the oyster sauce does not meet this standard, are not high quality oyster sauce.

——Old Yu Said——

Although oyster sauce is not a “universal oil”, many dishes in the family cannot do without it. Therefore, it is very important to learn or understand the true and false oyster sauce! If you find it useful, you may wish to save it for later use, and compare it with Ali when choosing oyster sauce. I am gluttonous old Yu, thank you for watching, thank you.