Man has two fingers severed in critical juncture

Recently, when Mr. Zhang of Puning was working on a fishing boat, he had an accident and his fingers were completely cut off by the pulley. At a critical juncture, he was promptly sent to Shantou Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital for rescue and underwent finger replantation. He is currently in stable condition.

Yesterday, when the reporter saw Mr. Zhang at Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital in Shantou City, he had completed the operation for a week and was in good spirits.

Wang Jin, Chief Physician of Microscopy Section 1, Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital, Shantou City: This will take some time to recover, because the nerves inside have just been connected, and it will take time for the nerves to recover, so I feel numb now Numbness is normal, but the hand needs to start moving slowly.

Recalling the scene when his finger was cut off by the machine, Mr. Zhang still has lingering fears. Fortunately, with the help of his relatives and the police from the Shantou Traffic Police Expressway Brigade, he was immediately sent to Shantou Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital for treatment.

Patient Mr. Zhang:

The belt pulley was pinched and accidentally caught, and a lot of blood flowed, and I felt a little dizzy.

Wang Jin, chief physician and chief physician of Microscopy Division 1, Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital, Shantou City:

At that time, the patient was working on a fishing boat and his two fingers were twisted by a leather strap. Critical, among which the thumb injury is more serious, close to the nature of complete amputation. The other finger was also seriously injured, and he was sent to our hospital with a simple bandage in the local area.

The hospital staff arranged finger replantation surgery for Mr. Zhang as quickly as possible. During the operation, with the help of a microscope, the doctor connected the damaged blood vessels and nerves one by one. After 2 hours of rescue, Mr. Zhang’s finger was finally successfully connected.

Wang Jin, Chief Physician of Microscopy Area 1, Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital, Shantou City:

In his case, we need to remove the bones and tendons in the fingers as our first step. To complete it, connect it back, because this blood vessel of his is as thin as our hair. It needs to be magnified through a microscope and connected back one by one. After the blood passes through, the hand will have a chance to survive.

Patient Mr. Zhang:

The recovery is very normal, very natural, and can move slightly. Thank them very much, the doctors here are also doing their best, and they are very timely when they arrive.

The doctor reminds the public to take adequate protection when engaging in some dangerous work to avoid accidents. In the event of an accidental limb amputation such as a severed finger, it is necessary to quickly and properly handle the wound and the amputated limb to avoid secondary injury or damage to the activity of the amputated limb, affecting subsequent treatment.

Wang Jin, Chief Physician of Microscopy Section 1, Haojiang Xinsheng Orthopaedic Hospital, Shantou City:

If the fingers or limbs are not completely broken, there are still flesh or other tissues When it is necessary to fix the bandage locally, to prevent the severed limb from swaying and causing secondary injury in our patient; the second case is completely severed, and a simple hemostasis bandage is required. Refers to wrap it up, put it in a plastic bag and seal it or fasten the bag, and then store it in a container with ice cubes or ice water, and then quickly send it to a specialist hospital for emergency treatment.

(People’s Livelihood Hotline)