Live Preview | 2022 Sinan Appreciation Festival: November 25th “Integrity and Innovation–Thoughts on Qin Music”

The second event of Sinan Appreciation 2022 will be staged on November 25. Guqin master Gong Yi will use the theme of “Integrity and Innovation – Speculation on Qin Music” to lead the audience to understand the contemporary value of traditional culture from the perspectives of the way of Qin music, ancient humanistic thought, ancient music aesthetics, and guqin art appreciation. It arouses thinking and perception on how guqin keeps upright and innovates in today’s era.

“Integrity and Innovation——Thinking of Qin Music”

Time: November 25 (Friday) 19:00

No. 505 Fuxing Middle Road South Mansion

Guqin master Gong Yi is not only the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage item (Guqin art), but also a recognized figure in the field of Guqin. He started to learn the piano at the age of 13, and played the guqin on stage at the age of 15. After years of study, research and practice, Gong Yi gathered the strengths of other families and merged them into one furnace to form a family of his own.

Tomorrow night, Gong Yi will share the art of guqin with Bringing Guqin solos “Pingsha Falling Geese” and “Big Hujia”, leading the audience into the classic Chinese music and traditional humanistic spirit in the distant sound of the qin, and deeply understanding the importance of inheriting and promoting traditional culture.

< span>Guest guide:

Gong Yi

(guqin player, first-class player)< /span>

< span>Live performance:

Guqin solo “Pingsha Luoyan”

Guqin Solo “Big Hujia”

*The track is subject to live performance< /p>

Live Time< /span>

November 25th

Starting at 19:00

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